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    Premiership Team of the seasin so far

    From an LFC fan, thought i would open it out further and see how other fans respond to it?

    obviously i am a little biased towards Liverpool, but what do you think?


    1. Peter Chech ( most reliable and that whats it about being a premiership goalkeeper)

    2. Steve Finnan (widely underrated)
    3. Difficult one probably, Riise ( with cole and Heinze injured)
    5. Terry ( goes with outsaying, just edges out Carra)
    6. Rio ( Showed against Liverpool how good he can be!!! unfortuately)


    7 (RM) Gerrard (think he's been awsome this year from RM, if Sven wants to play a holding midfield Gerrard should come out right instead of Beckham, who can keep the bench warm.

    11 (LM) Between Kewell of the last 6 games or Joe Cole

    6 (CM) Alsonso ( Quite simply the best passer in the premiership, who ever said he is a lightweight is talking bollocks. Tackles well, great positional sense to block of attacks. Just edges out Makelle with his passing and more of a goal threat

    8. Lampard ( another great season for him)


    Easy enough

    9. Rooney ( one word Awsome)
    10.Henry ( three words Simply the Best)

    The team may not be the best individual players as such, but i think the best TEAM.

    Any thoughts or alterations?

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    • most seasons you are right mate owen probably should have been in but i think most of these teams are based on performances this season and as he has been in and out of the side with injuries i know i felt that Thierry and Ruud had done the job over the whole of the season not just a couple of games here and there!

      Good shout tho dude i think he is quality when fit

    • I am surprised no one mention Owen in the line up.

    • My own team from what I've seen on TV and read:

      1. Jaaskelaine (Bolton) - doesnt play behind as good a defense as Cech etc, but always gets good reviews.

      2. Finnan ('Pool) - yeah, he's become a good one, just over Lauren and Ferreira.
      3. Ugly position this season so far, so I'll go with Cole (Arsenal ) anyway becaus in his absence we've seen just how good and valuable he is.
      5. Wes Brown (United) - the guy has been holding United together, not Rio.
      6. Terry (Chelsea)- so strong and consistent, reminds me of Adams.

      7. Henry (Arsenal) - out of position on the left but still has to be in the side
      4. Makelele (Chelsea) - the best holding midfielder in the world right now, unfortunately. By a nose over Alonso.
      8. Lampard (Chelsea) - in the middle, just over Lampard.
      11. Gerrard ('Pool) - I've always thought him better than Beckham on the right, minus the free kicks.

      9. Rooney (United) - no doubt.
      10. Van Nistelroy (United) - god, I hate him. But this team has everything but a natural finisher. RVN would score 40 a year with these guys.

      I keep wanting to put guys from smaller clubs, but there just aren't people who you could say are BETTER than these guys. There are no Beattie's banging in goals, Downing has been injured, the five best defenses are in the top five. Who can you make a case for?

    • maybe put lehman{been pretty consistant so far even behind a makeshift defence} in goal instead of chech{behind the best defence of the prem}.

    • fair enough team except harry kewell wouldnt even warm the bench of the best team this year joe cole all the way

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      • Not sure whether he plays RM, LM or Centre Midfield. If its right or left I think Malbranque from Fulham may just squeeze himself in, most definitely ahead of Kewell. I'd go for Given as well, he performs brilliantly even with the worst defence in the history of defences.

        Watch out for Spain in the next Euro Champs. Fabregas and Alonso (a great player)in the centre with Reyes on the left, Torres up front. Get a strong defence and they're in with a shout.

    • Not bad. I'd probably stick a few players in from outside the top 3 or 4 clubs. Wigan have had some great players this season - not neccesarily the most gifted in the world, but they really put everything into the game.
      I don't think I'd put Ferdinand in the team, he's not had the greatest season. I'm also not sure about Cech - fair enough, he's kept the most clean sheets/conceded the fewest goals, but he is playing behind the best defence in the country.