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  • kienwey kienwey Feb 2, 2006 09:41 Flag

    arsene wenger ,Can you please resign?

    arsene wenger ,Can you please resign? u can go to youth player coach, if u like so much unexperience youth player.
    we get expensive ticket to enter and why the club just use the young player with no experience at all. your team show us a poor performer
    don't always critical other team tactic and please concentrate on your team and no more excuse!!!!!!!!!
    arsenal still no buy any best player
    do you think can use the youth player to get top four result in premiership, so innocent & impossible?

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    • first of all the only reason the PEOPLES are saying that we are in transition is beacuase we are gettin the crap beaten out of us this year. if we where winning it would be the invincibles once again. but we should have faith in him and leave him in charge for at least another two seasons. if things dont improve within the next year or two that is when the TALK about dumping him should start to occur. have faith in him

    • true true i totally agree, i am a spurs fan, i admire what arsene did for arsenal but i think he should go at the end of the season and let some one take over his job. arsene have lost his plots in the side and that side dont look the same as they were 2 season ago, they were so awesome!

    • Although I agree with you,I still think that training youngsters are not no use.Some youngsters such as Walcott and Van Persie could help the team one day when the day Henry has to leave us.So, I think we should support Wenger and hope that we can be the Champion of Premiership.

    • kienwey you're not from this country are you? You illiterate tw4t!!!

    • who the hell are you!!!!!
      go support chelski cos u speak just like their manager

    • i didnt know Wengers contract was up !!
      Of course all TRUE Arsenal fans would want him to re-sign.

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      • I went to Nigeria recently and saw so many young people wearing arsenal jersey. i heard there are often conflicts between arsenal and man u fans. playing good football and developing international fan base is how otball clubs become really rich. ask man u.

        wenger has created the best footballing side in europe. arsenal used to win but were found boring and they never had international fan base. but AW has changed all that. Neutrals do not enjoy watching Chelsea but they do Arsenal. Would u rather pay to watch arsenal or Bolton?

        The advantage in getting unknown players in is that they become original when they eventually make thier names. I would not like Arsenal to be seen as buying the league as people see Chelsea due to their policy of overbuying with no youth development. People forget AW bought has acyually bought a few english players but unfortunately only Sol fit in.(Mourinohas never signed an english player) Others were overrrated as usual and could not pass the ball. Passing the ball at high speed is what arsenal specialise on.

        Sometimes there are genuine excuses.Referees have allowed teams like Bolton to play rugby style against Arsenal but very quick to book arsenal players when they try to be physical. remember St James's park? penalty for liverpool and offside against adebayor last week? those things change games

        Arsenal will be much better last year. They miss Ashley Cole

      • I know v look really bad now compared to last 9 seasons, but things hav changed. With the co-called special 1 n Rafa, the EPL title suddenly became much more difficult to be won. Fergie can assure that. Teams become more tactical.

        I agree that some of the players must go like pires, cygan, Gilberto n mayb Ljungberg, but Hleb, reyes and Flamini? Come on, u got to be kidding me, Hleb plays only few games since he arrived, he surely got the skills, give him some time. Althou reyes is not scoring but he assisted quite a loads of the goals for us this season n he tracks back to defend all the time. As for Flamini, I know he’s not a world class player but he is a very good substitute after seeing him playing as a winger, central defender, right back n left back! He is not the best in all these positions but certainly he is not bad, he is a very good cover for us (as a utility man). I think he has good understanding with Fab, he can cover Diaby very well.

        As for AW lost it? I hate to admit it but I do think so. With all the substitutes he made in this season, none (except VP) made any impact. Quite often the substitutions were made very late n hardly got to play. Like against Liverpool, clearly pires was invisible n he didn’t have the stamina to last a game like that. But Hleb only came in like only with 15mins left. As for Plan B, well, every1 in the whole knows abt it now.

        For 9 yrs of beautiful games he brought us, he’s the greatest thing that ever happened to AFC. For 1 mediocre season n u guys r talking abt get rid of him is just unthinkable n stupid. I will put my faith in him, he is the only top EPL manger who still believes in attacking football in a beautiful way.

    • eh guy u need to go suck a Di*k

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      • Also, Arsene's record in The Champion's League in his nine years at Arsenal is better than that of Fergusson's first nine years in charge. Granted, Manu won the UEFA but our finishing positions have been far more consistent.

        And while I'm using Fergusson as the yardstick - and why shouldn't I? he has been the most successful top level manager ever (give Wenger a few years and he'll undoubtedly catch up)- let's hark back to 1996 when very influential and successful players left Manu and Fergusson had to rely on his youth. Alan Hanson, much as he's doing today when he berates the current Arsenal policy of youth developement had a crack at Manu by famously saying "you don't win anything with kids". A double, a treble including the Champion's league followed as well as a string of other single and back to back domestic title success occured, through a policy of youth developement...and remember this, Wenger is better than Fergie, does more with fewer resources and when compared on a scale related to the club's income is just mind blowing what he has achieved. These things I'm talking about are facts, are based on history and economics.

        We will not only prevail, we will dominate. This new stadium, these new players, our current economic constraints because we have to build this new player are all positives. Chelsea will get less hungry, get fat like Lampard (Lumpard?), Manchester United and Liverpool will also get stronger, but will also become as strong (but smarter with it). Chelsea's dominance will last only two seasons more before the candle burns out and they become good to mediocre again.

        Again, I've never been so excited to be a gooner.

        "Ooh-too, ooh-too-be, ooh-to-be-a GOONER!!".

        Get some fucking backbone guys.

    • dont be such a prick ,we have just had 7 wonderful year of which we may never see again . do you not think Arsene feel shit too ? arsenal dont need fickle fans so go and support chelsea or something .

    • Sorry mate but your an idoit we don't have Chelsea or utd's money but look what he has done for us could Jose Mourinho or Alex Ferguson done it? I don't think so

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      • Wenger has been puncvhing well above his weight for the last nine years and this year the mediocrity is the level we should be expecting anyway considering the size of our stadium and our income as a club. However we continue to spend, we continue to sign great prospects and we have witnessed mediocre signing turn to gold year in year out.

        The arseheaded arsenal fans who expect big signings ought to remember that everytime Arsene signs a big name, they are almost always a disapointment, yet the underdogs always shock and triumph.

        I'd like to set fire to the naysayers in the face.

    • He is a good manager and why does everyone blame da manager what about da players they aint playin dat great and if you think that he is crap why dont u support spurs cause u aint a real Gooner !!!!

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