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  • LEX LEX Feb 9, 2006 00:02 Flag

    arsene wenger ,Can you please resign?

    who the hell are you!!!!!
    go support chelski cos u speak just like their manager

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    • AW u told us u will give us surprise, now i agree, you know why? because in 4 game u lost 2 game and just a game u get win.
      Are you feel fair for your supporter?

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      • I am very upset gooner who feels that Wenger should not resign but he needs toput faith in the youngsters that he has at his disposal as also of the players, who are clased as experienced are resting on their previous good names!
        Great servants they may have been, but now is the time tolet them go! Pires, Ljumberg, Henry, Gilberto, Bergkamp, Campbell, Lauren ! Yes I know this sounds crazy but these guys yesterday or in the last month No, they should have been driving on the youngsters by example and did they? Did they hell ! Havin watched Djourou, Djaby, Larsson, Hleb ( if they would play him) Gilbert, and last year watchin Arsenal Reserves and the likes of Bentner, Ryan Smith, and having the prospect of Walcott now I am hopefull but he has to clear out the chaff!

        They should not waste there money on breaking the Bank on Henry, if he wants to go let him go, he'll realise once he's gone what he has left, look at Anelka, Overmars, Petit! All wanted away and have either retired or drifted around clubs!!

        The only player they should break the bank for is Ashley Cole ! He is Arsenal ! We sould also make him Club captain too!

        Anyway I know this will upset a few people but I'm sorry the truth hurts and if you look into your hearts you know what I say is true!

      • Well we must wait to the end of season to say this. Wenger could 'pull a rabbit from the hat' and win the Champions League, but for me the hallmark of a great team is where they finish in the league. If in the summer we see players of the caliber of Henry Cole Pires and Campbell leaving to be replaced with dross like Cygan Gilberto Reyes and Fabregas then there is very good reason for Wenger to go. After all you dont have to be a carpenter to see that a bit of furniture is duff likewise you dont have to be a footballer to know that a manager is or has turned duff.
        I would like to pay tribute to what Wenger has done but at the end of the day football is a merciless game and that is then this is now.