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  • Mate,

    I know you aren't too happy with people saying "Arsenal lost" rather than West Ham won, but Arsenal have been really successful over the last few years. With the team not doing so well this season, the media and fans hype the s**t out of any defeat and it's always "Arsenal have thrown it away".

    West Ham did play well, and should be applauded for taking all of their decent chances. However, for the first and last 20 minutes, Arsenal really outplayed West Ham, and it's there the game should have been decided. No disrespect to west ham at all, but all things being equal in terms of injuries, form etc, an Arsenal side *should* beat a West Ham side every day of the week.

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    • cheers, that's reasonable comment and reasonable argument. got p'd off when just got thrown abuse..

    • Arsenal should have won comfortably. We have far more attempts on goal, but our forwards seem to lack a certain urgency as if they always expect to score, so that the frequent misses don't matter. Sometimes you just beg them to shoot, but they try to string together another 5 passes instead. It is lovely to watch when it comes off, but last night Henry should have had a couple, so should Freddie and we should have won by 3 or 4.

      Sometimes it is just bad luck, sometimes you just feel they are a bit too laid back. You would never see the same emotion from Henry or van Persie as you get from Shearer or Rooney!