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  • Jolian P Jolian P Feb 3, 2006 00:10 Flag

    David Bentley and Jermaine Pennant

    That is a good excuse for AW, but why then have we signed Adebayor, who has refused to play for his national team in the last few weeks and had also fallen out with his last club before we signed him? If we don't want a player with an attitude problem, don't go out and sign one!

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    • Just because a player has a dispute with a manager or a club doesnt mean he's a trouble maker. Anelka is cast as the biggest trouble maker in football. But when it came to playing for us there's was never a problem. There was a problem with contracts and his agent brother but when it came to doing the business on the pitch, non whatsoever. Secondly if out of 25 players you find one good one you're lucky. Players may have all the talent in the world, but being a pro footballer requires more. They have to have bottle, be sensible, and be willing to learn. Some players fall down on at these hurdles. Okay, so Bentley scored a hat trick but he'll have bad games too. Would you rather swap him for VP? 'cos I wouldnt.