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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 8, 2006 19:35 Flag

    David Bentley and Jermaine Pennant

    Nice one David. It gets a tad annoying when so called fans start talking about how bad our manager is for letting certain players go, or that he's not astute enough to come up with a plan B. Nice to know that there are fans out there who understand what he's trying to do.

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    • Hi bare2all.. I like your subtle insult. It sounds like you are actually dont totally disaggree with what I am saying.

      Wenger might be one of the best man managers and shrewd business man but even he gets it wrong sometimes. Even Mr Wenger will admit that himself.

      I am not saying he should not have let Bentley or Pennant go but those two will have been doing a better job (on thier current form) than some of those he has kept.

      Pennant being a bad boy is an excuse - if Wenger had given him more chance and perhaps read the riot act a la Mourinho to Cole then it might have been a different story.

      Bentley is English and tough enough otherwise he would not be flourishing at Blackburn. Jermaine's talent cannot be questioned as per his dribbling skills and crosses. Wenger does not value wingers and target men so it is understandable that he allowed him to go.

      However, his insistence on foreign talented nancies is now costing the club.

      Apparently, Hleb does not fancy the physical nature of the Premier League; the same with Reyes.

      The problem here is that since we managed to win by playing fancy footy it is hard to argue to much but things have moved on and opposition now know how to play Arsenal...

      Anyway, all managers make mistakes and all managers buy rubbish so it is not a big deal.

      But penny pinching and buying same sort of foreign players is a worry for me but if I am proved worng then fine.

      Now can someone tell me about Larsson. What is he good at?

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      • Hi Cosbaba.

        With regards to Pennant, you can only read the riot act to someone so many times. They have to help themselves. Wenger didnt steal that car and crash it, Pennant did. VP had the riot act read to him and he heeded the warning.
        Bentley is a good player and was given a 4 year deal by Wenger then decided he should be playing every game. Just because the comparisons were made between himself and Bergkamp he got big headed.
        Wenger does value wingers? what about Overmars, Pires and Ljungberg then? and Thierry was a winger too (even when he had him at Monaco).
        If all you can offer a team is being a target man then your days in football are numbered nowadays. Crouch, Ferguson, Heskey are not the type of players that are going to scare the top teams in the world. Pace and technique does.
        He penny pinches because we dont have the untold millions the likes of Chel$ki and ManUre have. Couple this with the fact that any half decent English player is valued at at least 200% more than they should be and you see his problem. And anyway barring the emergence of Lampard, Rooney, Terry and Cole (Ashley), the best players in the Premiership over the last 10-15 years have been foreign.
        Larrson's a great little player. Technically good and prepared to get stuck in. He played very well against West Ham when he came on and I think it was a bit harsh to blame him for their winner, he was played into trouble there.
        Hleb hasnt said he doesnt like the physical side of the Premiership and the whole thing has been reported by the Mirror, so I'd be very sceptical of it if I were you.
        Admittedly, the Professor's made mistakes and he's on record as admitting to them, but he cant sit back and brood about them can he?
        And finally, sometimes getting rid of players is not just about what happens on the pitch. What about them disrupting other players, being big headed, an awful lot goes on that we dont know about.