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    David Bentley and Jermaine Pennant

    It would appear from the last few weeks that Freddie is fast approaching the end of his career at Arsenal. He is 29 this year which means that AW will start to phase him out as we have done with Pires. I suspect that this is why we bought Hleb, as he obviously cannot play down the middle and replace Patrick.

    So given that Pires is also nearing the ned at Arsenal, why did we get ride of first Pennant and now Bentley. We have tried Fabregas, Flamini, Eboue and others on the right and none look convincing, but we sell off Bentley and he goes and wins the game against United single-handed. I know people often say that Pennant and Bentley were not good enough to make the grade at Arsenal, but they never seem to be given a decent chance. Ashley now is much better than when he first started in the first team (remember all that diving and fouling), so why didn't we give them a chance before we sling them out. I just hope Walcott gets given more of a chance, although I suspect that with Henry, van Persie and Adebayor ahead of him he will have a long wait.

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    • Bentley scores a hatrick and you want him back!!!??? Pennant is a scally wag who did not make the grade at Highbury because he had problems with discipline and he was not good enough, the same goes for Quincy. If they were good enough, they would be playing....just look at Adiby, 19 years old and straight into the team and our best player in the last 2 games. Walcott will get a chance and he will do us a job when Freddie(who suddenly is also playing well) goes. Wenger knows what he is doing and we are rebuilding, so just sit tight for a season and watch them go again!

    • hleb aint worthy of a place in arsneal wot so ever he is worser than reyes at falling over for no reason he aint strong he hasnt got any skill whereas pennant has skill hes quick and can make some good tackles at the back if he needs to we should have sold hleb, reyes, cygan because they are underperforming and football is a game where underperforming means trouble. bentley has a great strike hes quick he can also act as a winger and cross in amazing balls into the box WHY DID THEY LEAVE REYES,CYGAN AND HLEB SHOULD HAVE GONE

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      • hleb is surely an asset. watched him play for stuttgart and it is amazing! No wonder wenger paid 10M for him. but i believe his strength will be well benefited in the new stadium. he needs space to play his game, i suppose. he is more like pires in his hey day plus great pace and hard work.

      • Can't agree with you at all, apart from the reference to Cygan. Hleb has shown some good touches and when he settles in he'll be an asset. As for Reyes, although he is blowing hot and cold at the moment, he'll come through - he's got good vision and again I have confidence he'll do the business. I think he should be converted to a midfield player as some of his passes are quality. Pennant and Bentley are strictly average and always will be, and before you go on about Bentley's hatrick, well Parlour once did that for Arsenal and he was strictly average as well.

      • give hleb a chance he gets better every game i think he will go on to be a great player

    • Blast! Ivory Coast Won. Well, I hope they go on and win the African Cup of Nations.

      It was that man Drogba again - another ball over the top. Yaya Toure is not half bad. Maybe, he might come to Arsenal if we are ready to pay. I hear Drogba has told Jose Mourino to get him.

      It would be nice to have two brothers like the Toures playing for Arsenal.

      5.00pm Egypt V Senegal; I will get a chance to see Ferdinand Coly again - just to see how rubbish he is, of course.

    • What about Ryan Smith out on loan at the moment, iv seen him a few times this season and he dont look to bad.

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      • This is the first time I have contributed to any discussion on Arsenal - great! (I am from Manchester BTW).

        I think Pennant would have been a good cover for Llunberg - he is a proper winger and with Adebayor in the side these days, it would have been perfect. Lluunberg is not good enough these days, he has not been for a season and a bit - he does not make the usual runs anymore and he is not as aggressive and determined as he used to be.

        Wenger has lost the plot a bit. Why buy so many young players in the wake of selling Viera and to some extend Edu - those two players and Toure had the most steel out of the lot. He has bought fine footballer and atheletes but too many of them are similar and he continues to spend money on youths... Why, oh why? He has to take care of now and worry less about good money deals for the club.

        Berkhamp is right - what is a transitional season? That is an excuse for getting it wrong. He needs strong physical players in most areas of the park especially in Midfield and 2 at the back and then he should get a burly proper centre forward (good or bad) someone that can head the ball and create havoc in the opposition defence - just like most teams do to us. A Gravesend and Heskey and that Dreadlock Senagalise defender would have made a big difference to the season.

        Flamini, Cygan, Campbell, Pires, Llunberg, Berkhamp and poss Reyes are surplus to requirement.

    • Bentley did not have the talent and the experience. Pennant had an attitude problem and wanted to be a first team regular the year after he came back from leeds, which was not going to happen. Aliadiere got injured too many times and so never got around to play many games. Quincy is the only one i feel we could have kept but we had too many young strikers with adebayor, lupoli, walcott and van persie. So had we kept them they would have never played.

    • Yes,Pennant have some talent,but he is not good enough to break into arsenal first team because he causing lots of problem,and one more thing,if he was good,then he should break into England team.
      So Bentley,I didn't realize him until he score a hattrick against man u,but is that means anything??upson,also,did he achieve any success since he break into England team???I don't think so....

    • Pennant spurned his chance by his criminal actions and other problems off the pitch. We gave him many chances.
      Bentley refused to wait for his chance and to be frank, I was chuffed that an ex-gunner helped sink United, but he scored one good goal and the rest, well I'd have been disapointed if cat didn't tap them in. "Single handed destruction of" United? I want some of them pills.

    • It's not just these two English players that have gone away from Highbury and shown how good they are either. How about Mathew Upson? Not good enough for Arsenal but good enough to captain his club side and make the England team. Are Steve Bruce and Sven both that bad a judge of character and ability. I doubt it.

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      • re matt upson.
        sorry but i am not unhappy that he has gone from arsenal,
        he is quite a slow goose to be fair and very in and out as a defender ( so my brumie supporting mates say)
        the only one who i think may be a loss is pennant, but he also blows hot and cold, sadly the poor sod seems not to have a well anchored home life and seems esily led astray, how much toll this will take on his footballing ability which is doutless has only time will tell, but merson is only a mere shadow of the player he was at the begining with arsenal.
        if that is anything to go by.
        as for bently he was never going to be the next dennis he did nothing to show he could even come close when out on loan with norwich ( a very average team) he should have stood out like a becon in that sort of team but didn't even look like a 30 watt bulb in my veiw and belive me i did watch him

      • I don't see what all the fuss is about - AW has decided the likes of Pennant, Quincy, Bentley, etc don't cut the ice at Arsenal. Some players who leave Arsenal will go on to better things but most won't. Let's just trust the boss in his decision making - he's better qualified and experienced than us, individually or collectively.

      • I don't see what all the fuss is about - AW has decided the likes of Pennant, Quincy, Bentley, etc don't cut the ice at Arsenal. Some players who leave Arsenal will go on to better things but most won't. Let's just trust the boss in his decision making - he's better qualified and experienced than us, individually or collectively.

      • Some players don't suit certain teams. I don't think Upson could ever have turned out the finished article he is today without having left Arsenal. Not because the youth policy is crap, or because he wasn't good enough, but simply because some players need to play with players of similiar ability. I think, at the time, the first team was too much of a jump for him. Upson's ability and learning had to come before the teams own gain(we were already doing great with defence we had), so he had to go to a lesser team with more chance of first team action so his career could improve. Some players make it with teams, some don't. If Upson was still at Arsenal, and as good as he is at the moment it wouldn't be as noticable as he would be surrounded by international talent.

    • I don't think Bentley is good enough. He has shown good glimpses of brilliance but overall he is not consistently good enough. While he has done okay at Blackburn he has not done brilliantly. Pennent is a better player but was a handful. Again he is having some great games but not yet consistent. I think he may prove to be a bigger miss. As for Freddie he did not do too badly in a deeper roll the last couple of games.

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      • I think the difference between Adebayor and Pennant is that Pennant was always trouble even when things went well, whereas Adebayor has been frustrated due to bad managerial decisions and a lack of games.
        I've noticed AW often goes for players in the Henry/Campbell mould. Players he knows have good relations with their families and eager to help themselves learn aswell as pushing the team as much as possible. Players like Pennant often get self and team mixed up. Perhaps he wants his players to feel a similiar amount of respect shown in father son relatioships. In my life I've noticed (generally speaking of course) that the more determined a sportsman/woman is often determined by having someone 'in their corner' ie a parent. With players that have good role models/mentors there are often less trouble both on and off the pitch. Its not very often you hear of an Arsenal star causing problems for teammates in the dressing room.

    • I think the reson for Pennant was his behaviour. AW had attempts had helping him out, but I think he realised he wasn't worth it. He was unloyal and too much of a show off. Although now he is doing well, I feel Wenger did the right thing. He probably won't be playing first team football for a good side in 5years.

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      • That is a good excuse for AW, but why then have we signed Adebayor, who has refused to play for his national team in the last few weeks and had also fallen out with his last club before we signed him? If we don't want a player with an attitude problem, don't go out and sign one!

      • These departures also along with Quincy and Allialidare are the problem I have with the Arsenal youth policy. These players were just a short time ago the future of Arsenal now they are out to replaced by a new lot who are supposed to be the future. This seems to of been going on for years ie Upson. The only players I can think of that have come through the youth recently are Cole (who could be on his way) and Toure,Van Persie although I dont see him so much as a product of the Arsenal youth policy.