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    Two types of Gooner....?

    Is it me or does there seem to be two different types of Gooner on this board? One is the kind of diehard supporter who will be 100% behind their team through thick n thin, knowing all the achievments the Professor had made with our team. Some people seem to have forgotten the unbeaten run that we had with the Prof do they think we'd have got that with a different manager? The other type of fan seems to think after one bad season the board should fire the Proffessor for not buying the right players. These fans do not seem to understand what the much hyped "transitional" period is all about. Over half the fans posting are mostly behind the team, but there does seem to be an increasing amount of nay-sayers trying to bring the team down. I trust the Prof 150% I think he knows far more about the game than any one of us here. Even those that claim to know how to manage better than the Prof himself.

    Any opinions on the two types of Gooners?

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    • yes ! is the short anwser to your question,

      the new and the old
      the new who are glory hunters and the old like myself who have supported arsenal since very young.
      but even i in what is a transitional time am having nightmares
      cant undestand why they let patrick go??
      dont understand what the hell was the team he put out to defend FA cup??
      why has the midfield got no bite??

      why cant we win "ugly" sometimes?

      new stadium is magnificent but we still need a bloody good team to play in the place.

      the new season ticket prices are astromomical ( for an ordinary person)

      hope all will be well but its always a big gamble when you are buying youth rayes 21 million i belive a few good games and he falls over at the drop of a hat.

      we need more steel in the midfield, flammini it seems is not upto the task and fabrigas very good on the ball but quite slight he needs some protection i feel.

      thats my assesment but does it make me all bad i dont think so, i just dont look at the thing with blinkers
      yes AW has done very well and long may it continue, thats not to say he 100% correct all the time and that i wont question any decisions

    • I was thinking exactly the same thing bare2all. This guy is definitely not British either he doesnt understand the Enlish/British passion for the game and how we support our teams through thick and thin. Can we exchange some of these w*nkers for some hammers fans? I know they bitch and moan but not as bad as thiese whiners and they're always 100% behind their team. Heinze and Carlos better than Cole .... just what I'd expect someone from Utd to say.

    • All managers make excuses. Its part of their job to do this with the media and support their players to the hilt. I bet he takes no crap when he is talking to his players privately or on the training ground.

    • Can I put this in perspective for you, I'm a Pompey fan! Look at the state of us at the moment! Crap ground, heading for relegation and no really great players 2 watch! U've got the likes of Henry, Cole and now Walcott! U've got a shiny new stadium and will definately be playing in Europe next year! Your future looks good, ours looks bleak!!

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      • I'm pretty sure you'll be following you team into the lower division though Brent. Cos you're a true fan/supporter of your team. When we lose a game our "fans" drop like flies and go out to buy blue jerseys. Or start talking about sacking the Manager FFS these people need labotomys. People suddenly decide they know so much more about management than the Professor. Brent even if you go down this season which maybe you wont Harry has a lot of experience in keeping a team up in the relegation battle, but if you do Harry will bring you straight back up again I'm sure of it.

    • You say that we should have sold Ashley Cole because he'll never be as good as Carlos or Heinz? What planet are you on mate? he's better than them both. Admittedly Carlos isnt the player he was at this moment Ashley's better than him. Why do you think Real want him so badly? You call yourself a fan but then say we should have bought Crouch!!!! Are you serious - CROUCH. Do me a favour. Whoever said Henry and Pires had lost any confidence since the infamous penalty, 'cos its a new one to me. You say that Wenger to soft and he should have got rid of this player and that player. The Professor has retired an awful lot of people including legends like Wrighty, he sold Merson and the biggest of all he sold Patrick - the last thing he is is soft.
      With regards to a box player, our whole game is based on breaking quickly if you cant do that then you disrupt our style of play. There arent many box players in the world that are lightning quick so theres our problem.
      I think youre a Utd fan trying to disguise yourself as a Gooner!!!! Well youve been rumbled mate.
      No self respecting fan would give his team an ultimatum like you have with the Arse / Bolton game.
      I think youre a Utd fan.

    • I have supported Arsenal for 27 years now and have known good and bad times. People with a long memory wil remember that between 81 and 87 we were regularly in the lower half of the table and always out of the cups early. Since Wenger took over we have been spoilt by loads of silverware coupled with sparkling football. For people to expect this as a right should take a reality check. All teams have transitional periods and that's what we've got at the moment. The future is very bright what with the young players and the new stadium next season. Everyone should be behind the team 100% and not complain if things don't go our way. Why call for the best Arsenal manager we have ever had to be sacked? Absolutely bloody ridiculous. I along with many others suggest to Kienwey and anyone else that moans to sod off and find another team. You're so-called 'support' is not welcome. Come on you Gunners!

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      • Need any true Gooner waste their time on dickheads that come on here slating the team? Yeah, we have conceded some dog shit goals this season, and we do look a bit lightweight in midfield, but look at the injuries we've suffered. I don't think Wenger has ever known a season where he has had so few options because of players being out. Against Birmingham we had a completely untested defensive back four up against two seasoned pros who caused us trouble, but ultimately failed to break us down. Every team gives up chances and unless your Chelsea, where Mourinho has obviously asked Abramovich to buy some sort of force-field for their goal line (why does every team miss at least one absolute sitter a game against them??), and some times you need either your goalie or a bit of luck to keep the ball out. Then of course you score more than the opposition at the other end! Which we did at Birmingham. West Ham beat us because Sol Campbell had a couple of dodgy moments, Ljungberg blocked a certain opener from Henry, and Van Persie was stopped from scoring only by a post. Oh, and we missed a hatful of chances in the second half.

        I don't think Wenger thought we were going to have this transitional period because he never expected certain senior players to perform below their usual level after Vieira's departure. However, he's just bought an absolute gem of a player in Diaby. Has anyone noticed how much better he gets each game? He absolutely dominated the midfield on Saturday. Now, instead of being compared to Vieira just because he's tall and is his brother(!), there are actually some similarities. And it might just be that Adebayor is the box player every true Arsenal fan has dreamed of us getting since Wenger took over. If we'd got a box player two seasons ago, we would have won the Champions League before now.

        We WILL get a run together and we WILL finish in the top four, and we certainly won't be as far behind Liverpool and United as we are now. I can say this with belief because i am a true Gunner and i don't believe in all this bollocks that we are on the slide. Third best defense and third best attack in the league. The boys really are struggling aren't they!? When Wenger gets to pick a relatively unchanged 11 for a few games again, the results will start rolling in. For the mean time, saviour the fact that when success comes again in the very near future, it will have been worth going through this bad patch for, and will make it all the sweeter when Spurs fail to reach the Champions League! Ha Ha

      • Nice one Chris.


    • Yes their are two types of gooners the ones that have supported arsenal since way back when and those that have supported them since we started winning things! this is the way of things, now we are having a bit of bad season those that have supported arsenal because they were winning trophies are now starting to whine. But take hart because from next season most of them will start supporting Chelsea, leaving only the true highbury faithful

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      • well said fellow gooners. I'm 38 and I've been going to Highbury since I was 6, and the Professor is the best manager we've ever had. He's changed both Arsenal and he's changed alot about the English game. Yeah, things aren't going our way at the moment, but things'll get better. Heskey and Sutton are probably as physical as any strikeforce there is and our kIDS stood up and were counted. Soon Utd will lose Neville, Giggs, Scholes and even though they have the likes of O'Shea and Smith, they're not as good as our kids. As long as Thierry stays we'll be a force to be reckoned with.

        I would ask all of you to put KIENWEY in his place the next time he comes on this board asking for the Professor to resign.

    • There are two types of GONERS STUPID AND MAD like your c.half ha ha ha

    • I totally agree with you..
      There are definitely 2 types of Arsenal supporters on this
      However, only the true fans will trust Wenger

    • In the far east, there are always two types of fans, for every club. One is a die hard fan, the other is the betting fan and loves you only when you win them money and hates you when you lose.
      But there is only so much we can do here except to tune in to the box every game at graveyard hours. You guys are more privelaged. Be more vocal and help push the team to greater heights! Sigh.

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