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  • LEX LEX Feb 8, 2006 23:41 Flag

    Two types of Gooner....?

    yes ! is the short anwser to your question,

    the new and the old
    the new who are glory hunters and the old like myself who have supported arsenal since very young.
    but even i in what is a transitional time am having nightmares
    cant undestand why they let patrick go??
    dont understand what the hell was the team he put out to defend FA cup??
    why has the midfield got no bite??

    why cant we win "ugly" sometimes?

    new stadium is magnificent but we still need a bloody good team to play in the place.

    the new season ticket prices are astromomical ( for an ordinary person)

    hope all will be well but its always a big gamble when you are buying youth rayes 21 million i belive a few good games and he falls over at the drop of a hat.

    we need more steel in the midfield, flammini it seems is not upto the task and fabrigas very good on the ball but quite slight he needs some protection i feel.

    thats my assesment but does it make me all bad i dont think so, i just dont look at the thing with blinkers
    yes AW has done very well and long may it continue, thats not to say he 100% correct all the time and that i wont question any decisions