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  • vikram vikram Feb 8, 2006 12:22 Flag

    a recent fan....... why one supports Arsenal...

    well have been reading the message boards for sometime now..... have been a follower of Arsenal for the last few year ( cant call myself a fan as yet as the die hards will object to the same).... am from India and this is therefore an Asian perspective....

    Arsenal under Wenger has made people sit up and believe that football is really a beautiful game.... i have read Fever Pitch - the book and a lot of things in that book seem so alien... with the free flowing football that we see now....

    what i do think is that all Arsenal fans must be patient..... cause anybody who can turn a dull team into one of the most exciting teams in Europe and make such an impact globally must be doing something right....

    well does seem a long message but just wanted to finish by saying that in India ... even Arsenal haters do admit that we play the best football in England....

    so let Wenger do his job or we shall get a Benitez or a Jose… who pack defenses and play the long ball ….. do we Gunners want to see that

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    • man l agree with you gunners followers need to be patient coz arsene is building a team for the future he has not only turned arsenal a dominant force but one of the best teams in english football we will rule europe man,the transitional period will pass,once this team blends together it will be unstoppable

    • Good shout mate. I agree with everything you said there. If you know about football and your a true Arsenal fan, you know exactly where the team is going wrong. When we lose, we lose because we throw games away. We always have enough chances and we're always in the game right to the last. When we take our chances, we batter teams out of site. All of them! We're just coming to grips with having five or six new faces in the first team. Even Chelski struggled when Roman first came to Stamford Bridge. We haven't spent over £200 million and we're still on paper the third best team in the premiership (if you only look at goals scored and conceded). We won't struggle for much longer and i think we all know that. Anyone remember how George Graham's team never even looked like scoring more than one goal?

    • Good observation overall but forgive some us fans that have found it hard to swallow the way things have been going. No doubt about being patient but what irks most is the fact that wenger underestimated Viera's influence, both on and off the pitch. From what one can gleam from reports he had such positive effect on the team whether playing or injured

      Still, you are right; Lets give the boss the benefit of doubt

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      • Yeah, but its also been reported that he told Ashley Cole to meet with Chel$ki and get the most amount of money possible.Thats all speculation, but if its true its not what you want from your captain. Put Roy Keane in the same situation and he would have told Cole to shut his mouth, accept what he'd been offered and stop pretending to be Billy Big Bollocks. I work for a sports news company and general feeling is that that story is true, the Professor was incredibly pissed off and that was that.

    • i would prefer the beautiful game anyday, brazil 82' team is remembered more for losing in that finals then italy winning it.
      but and here is but! brazil did learn to play the beautiful game with safety and arsenal can and do do that, but its hard to do it week in week out. in a world cup its easyer. for arsenal this year i have always thought that 3rd is definately on. arsenal with a full squard can be more consistant than spurs or liverpool anyday. good God we were the invincibles just a few years ago!

      the madrid game again full squard and we can beat them, but definately reyes has to be in this instead of bobby, diaby and fabo mid, freddie right wing. usual's up front the king henry and van persie with theo sub. at the back almunia right side(no laurie) kolo senderos and obviously ash. this team can win, and they will not need the professor to get them going for this one.!!? sol on the bench i think its time now. Namaste

    • I agree whole-heartedly , if you support or follow a team, then you stick to that team through thick and thin.
      I remember the dark days when we had to wait 18 years to win the league, and in between won 1 FA Cup (79) and 1 League Cup (86).
      We have been served up a smorgasbord of success over the past 9 years, and people want Wenger to resign, absolutely bloody ridiculous !!!
      People who want to throw their season tickets away because of a little bad period, go ahead, we dont need you, and then the proper fans waiting to get s/tickets can.
      I just find it totally unbelievable that so-called fans slate the best manager we have ever had, how quick they forget what he has done for us.

    • I didn't see that post about someone threatening to stop buying tickets, but good - whoever it was, please stop watching Arsenal.
      We've had much worse seasons that this, we've just been spoiled over the last 9 years. Before AW came along, we were managed by Bruce Rioch... nuff said. Our style of football was boring, we hadn't won anything since 1994, we only had about 2/3 big name players.
      If anyone would stop supporting their team just because they were having a bad run, they can just f*** off.

    • Thank you Damian, needed to your help mate. I was the one that called cosbaba a ManUre fan and I still think its true. Other than Kienwey I've never heard anyone slate the team they supposedly support as much as he does. The Professors this and the Professors that and we cant score and we're not as good as we were and blah blah blah blah blah.
      Everyone wants us to go out and buy a world class experienced midfielder and centre back but nobody says who. And the reason is their aren't any, and when they do become available Chel$ki flex their muscle. So what do you do? you create your own, which means buying young.
      Why the fuck are people slagging the Professor for the team he picked against Bolton in the FA Cup? He put out his strongest team available after injuries and suspensions. And he's absolutely right to concentrate on getting into the CHampions League. Personally I'd much rather we got into the Champions League than win the FA or Carling Cup because of the kudos it gives a club. I cant see King Henry sitting at home holding his Carling Cup Winners Medal while watching the Champs League on his plasma TV and being happy about it.
      One guy posted a message yesterday saying that if we play like this for much longer he'll seriously consider not buying a ticket for the New Highbury. NOW I ASK YOU, HAVE YOU EVER HEARD SUCH CRAP.
      There have even been calls for the Professor, certainly a candidate for being the best manger in football, to resign. SOME OF YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELFS. Mind you, I suppose its the price you pay when your successful, people that know fuck all about football starts supporting you until the next new thing comes along.

    • In the Carling Cup, Wenger played the same players who spanked the likes of Reading, Sunderland, Everton etc over the last two seasons. Besides, that team more than held it's own at the JJb - Wigan didn't really threaten us until their late goal.
      We put out a weakened team against Man United last season in this competition and no one battered an eyelid.
      As for the Bolton game, I really don't think AW put out a weakened team purposely. Have you seen the number of injuries we're currently suffering?

    • It’s true that it’s frustrating to see v cant score goals by walking the balls into the net n I agree that v must start taking shots outside the box (should hav done so long long time ago) when v hav chance. It’s sad to see arsenal struggling this season.
      But to play more ugly to beat real? How ugly? Like cheating for penalty or get player sent off? I certainly dun wan us playing that way. A loss is a loss, but if v win with disgrace, I rather v lose with our head held high for giving everything to play beautiful football. I m from far east n I can tell u that almost all real football supporters here hates man u n now Chelsea (mainly becos of their fans who mostly only care to win matches never mind how ugly/not beautiful they play n taunt the losing team) but not arsenal cos v play beautiful football.

    • I dont want to moan all the time - I have already been called a ManU fan; waht an insult. As a Arsenal supporter (previously lived in London), I get a lot of stick up here in the north about we have moved from being Invincibles to Invisible (brittle-boned).

      Anyhow, to add to the wonderment of aaf1eld about the team that played against Bolton. What was behind Mr Wenger decision to rest players against Wigan for the Carling Cup? He played a somewhat weakened team (not mainly youths that got us there) in the first leg, and then decided to go for it in the second leg???

      If he did not care, then he should have fielded the youngsters at Wigan. Why change when we went down at Wigan? Losing is a habit, and you should not give teams that are close to you any confidence whatsoever, regardless of the cup or situation. I think Wenger underestimated Wigan.

      Now, Wigan and Bolton are so bouyant; it is not just Spurs that should worry about. Bolton must be full of it now and I really hope we stuff them to bring them down a peg.

      I remember the season before the invincible season when he rested Henry at the start of FA cup Semi against United; that was the part of the mini-slump that handed United the title after we had been in front for most of the season.

      I know Henry is the most important player in the team and he does have injury from time to time but his presence and ability to keep the ball does sometimes releave the defence. Lampard and Terry plays most games, players dont need a rest when they are playing well and winning.

      Lastly, is it really a good policy to put all eggs into one basket - he says he wants to concentrate on getting a Champions league spot but how is that going to happen when confidence is low due to losses. A loss is loss regardless of which team is put out.

      The lesson of Liverpool is there - they did not catch Everton last year. At least we might go on and win the Champions League - something to put in the new stadium. We will need to play more ugly to beat Real...

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