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  • LEX LEX Feb 8, 2006 23:15 Flag

    a recent fan....... why one supports Arsenal...

    not a recent fan and can well remeber the 1-0 to the arsenal days of george graham
    i dont think to be fair i would like to go back to that sort of football nor the first double winning side of bertie mee.
    but sometimes you just have to "win ugly" so long as you win!
    the players we have now are to be fair far better technicaly than some in privious sides but they dont seem tough enough especially now aw let patrick go ( stupid move)
    nice new stadium sod all to put in it!!
    looks like we might have to do a liverpool win the bloody thing to make sure we can play in it next year.
    i couldn't belive the team aw put out in the fa cup still never mind just resigned to nothing this year but with the new season ticket prices i wont be happy with that for long