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    You really are like little childen when you always mention RACE. It's nothing to do with race. Wenger has had a good career in England and I just wished that he would give the country something back! Instead of bringing through young forigners why doesn't he try bringing through young English(or other UK players). As for Liverpool! Well,I did mention other parts of the UK and Liverpool definitely represented the UK not like the present Arsenal who don't really represent any place! So don't go on about people being racist when they tell the truth about Arsenal having NO UK representatives at times. It's just embarrassing when you speak to people on the continent and they laugh at Arsenal not having any English players when it's English fans watching them week in week out.
    And by the way,my mother and father are from Barbados so don't call me racist again!

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    • What's this person on!
      Don't worry,I know we've not fielded any home players for a while(except 1 with Campbell recently) but I'm sure we will be soon.
      If not I have to admit that I'll be a bit disappointed but I'd never stop going to the games.
      That's a bit drastic.

    • I understand what you're saying but at the moment there's no good English players to sign. We'd love to get another Adams(just like Terry at Chelsea) but nobody English is available at the moment. I do hope that we go for one when one comes around.

    • We might not be fielding any English guys at the moment but we will when they're fit!
      When Campbell and Cole are ready we'll have 2 at the least. That's the same as Liverpool had in the Champions League Final last year(Gerrard,Carrager).
      OK,we'd prefer to have some English players but what can we do!

    • l think you'll find that living in a different time zone does no qualify you as a citizen of said zone, t'would be a funny old world if it did.

    • Ohhhh.....

      so hang on a second. The two people who are the most vociferous against Arsenal's policy of getting the best players regardless of their nationality are not even British. Makes sense...

    • damiantconnolly, l would try to explain about time zones to you but if you're anything like most of the cretins on here it would be a waste of time. So have your little giggle, you obviously don't have much of a life if you're that concerned about when l post.

    • Posting at 3:25am?? Guess someone's to nervous about the game to sleep...

      Guess it ain't that much fun going to bed on your own every night though....

    • "Am I wrong in assuming that Welsh & NI teams are part of so called Premier League, championship, league1 and so on.

      How can you class the Wales and NI as foreign? I know they have their own national teams but that does not make them foreigners...

      All said and done, I still find it hard to accept that this is about racism, period! "

      Wales, Scotland and N Ireland have their own seperate FA's though, so for footballing purposes, they *are* foreign. Fair enough, Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham all play in the English leagues, but I think this is more to do with there being no Welsh FA established when they were formed. Teams like TNS and Llanelli play in the Welsh league structure and as a result qualify for European Competitions in their own right.

      And I never said it's racist. I just that I don't see a huge problem with a predomainantly foreign team, just as long as there is a youth scheme behind it. Which there clearly *is*. Even if the players in the youth system don't make it for Arsenal, a lot of them will make it into the league system, so it's not fair to say Arsenal aren't putting anything into the English game.

      League and International football are completely different things. Some people don't support a club and cheer on their national side. Some people cheer on both. Some just care about their club.

    • No worries :)

      Catalan/Spanish and Basque are extremely different languages though. From what I know, there are absolutely no common words, phrases or pronounciations

    • Something strange about the order of the messages on my computer. I am replying to messages which are so damn old. The catalan answer is embarassingly late, sorry. :(

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