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  • Vince Vince Apr 23, 2006 18:16 Flag

    Arsenal is giving AW 46 millions to buy new players for the next season?

    I think it's about time they got rido f ALmunia, he's a clown. OK he was hero at the shootout against Sheff Utd. last year so what? And who's even seen Mart Poom play? Ditch them and get someone ready to replace Lehmann. Cole will stay he knows that no other team play the style like Arsenal so he won't suit anyone else. i feel the perfect defensive signing would be Gallas or Vincent Kompany (from Anderlecht). Lauren can go Eboue can be first-choice RB and Justin Hoyte would be a goood back up. Gilberto is good but he's not needed- that's why Wenger brought in Diaby. And then Ronaldinho or Diego (the Porto lad who scored the wonder-goal against Chelsea last year) would be the perfect addition to Fabregas and Diaby. Adebayor is good but selling him for a few mills and buying someone like Forlan would be good. I'd like to see someone stop them then.

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    • Shevchenko, nesta, zidane, ronaldinho, raul, inzaghi, torres... This lot would be a great lineup, gelled in to what we have already.

    • We're not Real Madrid - we can't just stick a team full of players who just love attacking out on the pitch, we'd get stuffed.

      We DO need Gilberto. He's been one of the most instrumental players in our CL progress this season as he has nullified Zidane (everyone said it was a fluke), Nedved (everyone said it was a fluke), and Riquelme (everyone said it was a fluke). Diaby looks like he could be amazing, but he's very inexperienced at the top level.