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    "Theo should be catain at the World Cup and I've spoken to Dave Dein and we are going to break the news to Steve McClaren that Theo will be the England manager after the World Cup."
    "Sven also agrees that Theo is a better captain than Beckham. I showed him a clip of him singing "God Shave The Queen" on MTV. He is a natural!"
    "He don't know La Marseillaise so he won't be in Paris next week to play Barcelona."

    Yes Arsene!
    When are you going to shut up about how good he is and that he should start-start-start for England but not Arsenal!
    Are you bigger than England or something?
    And who said the Queen's a hairy old boot!

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    • Are you fkurent in disguise ??
      cos you talk a lot of bollocks as well.

      Just drop it, Theo is going, and nothing you say or do will stop it.

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      • You're the one who talks bollocks mate!
        I'm not fkurent and don't want to get involved in your stupid games. It's obvious that you've some sort of problem with others opinions.
        Are you of of these that said Owen was at the 86 World Cup and Rooney at Euro 94?
        Because you probably were in which case your opinions are bollocks because you're probablly about 8 years old to make such incorrect facts!
        Are you surprise why some threads take the p**s out of idiots like you Tubthumper_UK ?
        Next time you answer a thread make sure you know who you're writing it to because I ain't fkurent and I don't care about your arguments with him/her whoever it is!
        Just remember that! Some write serious threads not play games about who they are!

    • I think Wenger has gone on a bit about him.
      I was watching the news and it showed Theo's girlfriend.
      I think she was having photos taken on the Highbury turf and they said that she's done something that he hasn't, which is of course stepping onto the Highbury turf.
      I think Wenger should be a bit quieter because he ain't given him a chance yet.
      They go on about Arsenal haven't been able to because of the league position,etc but there were games when Arsenal were very comfortable.ie,5-0 v Villa,West Brom,etc,all at home.
      Wenger didn't give him a run out and I'm not surprised that people are making this into a bit of a jokey situation.

    • I could actually see AW asking Eriksson to do half these things you know!

    • I dont think anyone has said that Theo should start for England...I think the real question should be wether or not he is a better choice than Defoe and Bent. Since they are not that good anyway and there scoring ratio is possibly the lowest of all nations going to the world cup...we in turn should take Theo...lets face it he does look good and better than the other two candidues