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  • ME ME May 13, 2006 17:41 Flag


    I think Wenger has gone on a bit about him.
    I was watching the news and it showed Theo's girlfriend.
    I think she was having photos taken on the Highbury turf and they said that she's done something that he hasn't, which is of course stepping onto the Highbury turf.
    I think Wenger should be a bit quieter because he ain't given him a chance yet.
    They go on about Arsenal haven't been able to because of the league position,etc but there were games when Arsenal were very comfortable.ie,5-0 v Villa,West Brom,etc,all at home.
    Wenger didn't give him a run out and I'm not surprised that people are making this into a bit of a jokey situation.

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    • I think one of the reason thatTheo did not play in Villa game or other league game for Arsenal is because the fee agreement with Southampton. Arsenal would need to pay more for Theo for every appearance this season.

      Also I thought Theo has suffered some injuries in the past few weeks?