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  • cosbaba cosbaba May 13, 2006 00:51 Flag

    Schvchenko keen to come to England

    Apparently, according to his agent, he is keen to come to England.

    I fancy he might be heading for Chelsea but there is every possibility that he might be the one to replace Henry (if he goes).

    What do we think of Schvechenko for Arsenal. And can we afford him or will Wenger/Dein shell out on getting this world class goal machine?

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    • This guy could do a 'Rebrov' Remember him at Spurs. Didnt do too well for 11 million golden round ones did 'e

    • Everyone wants to play in England. It's the best league by far.
      The only ones that aren't keen on it are some of the South Americans.
      It's too cold for them over here! And too much rain.

    • I know it sounds silly but I wouldn't want him. The problem with a lot of these admittedly extraordinarilly talented and seasoned players is that they don't show for the normal grind of the season, they lose interest. Henry is different because he has developed with us, Anelka was different (while with us) because he came through with us, as did wrighty.... I wouldn't balme you guys for wanting a guy like this but I would not back our chances of amalgamating him into the team ethos... I just don't think rightly or wrongly its wengers style to go for a player like this... I'd prefer to us paying £10m for an up and coming stiker or even £15m but not £25m for Sev.

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      • I make you right - I'd rather take a risk on an unknown kid and pay comparative peanuts, someone like Walcott (not peanuts, but in comparison....) and Henry a few years ago.

        Big foreign signings in the Premiership always seem to flop: Drogba, Crespo, Wiltord and many others haven't made much of an impact in England. Compare that with the relative unknowns such as Henry and Van Nistelrooy

      • Cosbaba you know I think youre top man really.

        I think we all rate Shevchenko highly and youre right that if Crespo can do well then so can Shevvers. But I do agree with the previous post as well. I think he'll lose interest. Once Todd, Neil and those Championship boys in the FA Cup, kick him all over the place he wont fancy it. It'll take him a while to adjust and he's no spring chicken. And he can sod off anyway. How come they all want to come to the Prem when they're past their prime.

    • That's bad news, because I can only see him going to one place, and that's Chelsea.

      The only, and I mean only, chance there is of him not going, is the fact that he's a proud Ukranian and doesn't like Russians.

      But I'm worried. Chelsea with Shevchenko would be formidable.

    • And why Cosbaba would you want him to come to Arsenal, when you're forever banging on about us not having enough Englishmen in the team. Surely if Henry goes you'd want good old English Theo to replace him?

      The answer is that the Professor wont buy a thirty year old striker. A goal machine he may be but I reckon he'll get a shock in the Premiership. Its a fitter, tougher and faster league than the pedestrian Serie A

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      • Come on! I complain about the impact of too many foreign player then you use that stick to beat me all the time.

        If we are so short of strikers in the country that Sven had to take our untested player then my argument probably proves itself.

        I AM NOT AGAINST FOREIGN PLAYERS AND I am realistic to know that the situation at Arsenal is not going to change overnight. I still want Arsenal to do well and if we are going to lose Henry then I want him replaced by someone is is equally good.

        On Schvchenko, I think he is hard working and scores all times of goals, and also Milan plays a rugged style of football and if Crespo can do well then Schv can also do so. However, who knows what might happen, the more reason why I often support going for the tried and tested in the premiership (foreign or otherwise) first before going foreign.

        Yes, I know you are going to say they are expensive and all that but I dont know whether it is just money with Wenger sometimes.

        Well, they can always give him a 2 year contract - it depends how much he really wants to come to England.

    • I'm very curious how well would he do in the premiership.
      Let us not forget that Seria A is very much different to EPL.They have more time on the ball very simmilar to La Liga.
      So we'll have to wait and see.