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    Ashley Cole - General opinion

    If Cole goes to Chelski,how do you feel about that?No abuse please, genuine gooners only.

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    • Ashley was as useless as everyone else wearing the Three Lions at the WC finals - an overblown sense of his own importance, and talent.

      Frankly, throughout an injury interupted season he showed little - so we won't be any weaker than last season - and after the chopping and changing at LB at least we now know that Flamini's an option, and Clichy's an option in that position (hopefully we wont be seeing Pascal at LB any time soon).

      It remains to be seen if Ashley will ever be the player he was at Arsenal when he switches allegiances. The hunger which he showed in the early seasons after his breakthrough were a revelation, and he was very steady in the record breaking season.... but will Mourinho allow him to go bombing up and down on the overlap with the same abandon as Arsene (no).

      He is being entirely self-serving in suggesting that Arsenal left him out to dry - what part of his contract did he not understand, when he went to meet with the chavs last year.

      Just because the board took them on doesn't mean they were wrong to challenge the illegal approach - if Ashley got cought in the cross-fire that was only because he walked right into the line of fire. John Obi Mikel probably isn't too happy either over the stink that Man U kicked up, and no doubt the young kids from Leeds won't be elated when Bates pursues his own action again Chelsky in the months ahead.

      I think that we probably got the best from Ashley that he had to offer, and that he's now gone into cruise control - a made man who has made all the money he could want ...and he's gone in pursuit of the Russian's ill-gotten gains, so that he can look forward to a future of tacky white suits and the kind of bling that would make even P Diddy blush.

      A cheque for £25 M would do nicely.

    • My heart want the little backstabber to go asap
      How did arsenal "hang him out to dry? he went and met chelski behind his employers back but he is not man enough to admit he was wrong!!
      I personaly dont think he is that good a defender, and feel we will very quickly not miss him very much if atall

      people has been having a bit of a go about gilberto but boy did we miss him when he was injured and that was with paddy still in team, he does the dirty work not often noticed untill it is not being done

      the only thing i feel we need is a replacement for sol to partner toure as i dont feel he is very confidend playing with senderos who make 1-2 mistakes per game.
      poor cygan what has he got on wenger??? it must be somthing big
      the other swiss lad did not o badly at world cup but is still very young

      maybe we can get gallas and 15 million for cole that would be perfect as far as i can see

    • I still am of opinion that cole is leaving for more money and is using the 'tap up' incident as an excuse to justify his actions. i mean earning 20 to 30k more a week is quite a sum esp when he now has a 'lavish' lifestyle.
      Anyway, i think we all agree that it is no use to keep someone who doesnt want to play for you. He will be missed but not that much. Only thing is that he may make chelsea stronger and for that i am concerned.

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      • I'm suprised by the amount of people that don't think Cole is a good defender. I remember, especially after Euro 2004, the amount of Arsenal fans who said I told you so to people who questioned his defensive capabilities. He is a good defender & he proved that again at the World Cup, when he wasn't even 100% fit. but, hey, we're all entitled to our opinion!! Don't get me wrong btw, if what is reported about him is true then I don't want him at our club.

    • I would say thats life, lets get on and make the best of it. We have good players, young players have developed, OK if senderos and diaby were not injured things would be better. Lets remeber we played most of last season without Cole, and hopefully whilst I would not rush him to do so we can bring a few more Wenger gems in with the cash.

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      • I'm afraid Cole represents the ugly face of capitalism that is creeping more and more into our game (and before you ask, no - I'm not a Communist!).

        In my opinion AC is a greedy, selfish, ungrateful b*****d who has shown no loyalty to the club that has made him what he is.

        It is not within me to wish ill will on any human being, but I certainly don't wish AC good fortune. My heart lies with Arsenal, not any individual player, and AC has sold his soul. Good riddance.

    • pijin27 m i do agree with ya about his defensive skills
      cole's game is all about attacking flamini brought an element of defence to our game and towards the last 15-10 matches it was coming together no doubt he used him in the final of the CL but it was his swan song. he will go to chelsea and in nothing cuz chelsea full of superstars and eventually wont play as a team only time will tell. arsenal r a team when they attack and defend i got complete faith in our sides ability the days when we used to frigthen teams r back again

    • the thing is i guess in our hearts we would like him to stay however if arsenal dont sell him within a year his price will go down completetly and wait another he walks away free. if he likes genuine football stay at arsenal but if he feels that chelsea play the better football then he shud go only barca and arsenal play that type of football by far we r the top two teams in the world for quality football

    • This is NOT an excuse for Cole, however we must remind ourselves of Peter Hill Wood's role in this, didn't they already have an 'agreed' new contract for Cole which Hill-Wood then blocked.
      What Cole did was unacceptable as negotiations are negotiations and you don't commit treachery by talking to major rivals; however our board should ensure that they learn from this incident too.

    • What we have agreed on is that hes one of the best LB's going forward but he's not the best defensively. This isn't something new brought up just because he may leave. This has been discussed way before any of Coles "hanging him out to dry" shenanigans.

    • He doesn't want to play for Arsenal, and we don't want him playing for Arsenal. We also don't need him. Sooner or later Clichy would be challenging Cole for his position and one would have to be sold, neither would be happy on the bench.

      If he goes to Chelski as expected I don't think they'll be much stronger for having him. As has been said, he is great on the attack, but not the best when he has to defend. The Chelsea team was built on a strong, organised back four. Cole might upset that

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      • Agree 100%. Hate to judge the guy but to say he was hung out to dry when he actualy went to the meeting...?

        The more harmony in out team the better, guys that are not happy should just leave. What kind of guy wants to play for Chelsea anyway? Got to be all about the monay no? Got to respect Ronaldinho for saying no money in the world would get him to go to Chelsea because he loves the way Barca play and he loves the Barca fans...Not everyine is for sale..