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  • Roger E Roger E Aug 2, 2006 06:31 Flag

    Credit & Debit

    OK, in accountancy terms (and no, I'm not an accountant!), let's look at the balance sheet.

    Credit: We've signed Rossicki and taken the Ghanaian guy on loan. Plus Walcott must make a showing this season. Add in Traore if you like but for this season I don't see it myself).

    Debit: Dennis gone (personally I don't think that's a great loss - he was a good servant but he's been a passenger for the last 2 seasons). We've lost Campbell (on a self-induced freebee - what good business sense is that?!! - teams are queuing up for him and we could have got £6-8 million). Pires gone on a freebee, Ashley (the scum) Cole on his way out (good riddance). Senderos, Lauren and Clichy injured long term. Countless names we've been linked with, including the Ivory Coast midfield guy who has gone to The Scum! (notice how big this paragraph is getting?!).

    With Freedie not starting the season, Thierry World Cup fatigued and missing a couple of games, in my opinion we are ill prepared for the start of this season, as we were for the start of last season (oh, and we won't get used to playing in the new stadium overnight either).

    All in all, my view is that things have been poorly managed in recent weeks/months. Don't get me wrong, I'm an admirer of AW, but at times I wonder.....

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    • I keep reading comments complaining about players leaving for free. I'm sorry but it just doesn't make sense to me. Exactly how were we supposed to get anything for them? Sol and Pires, for example, are players over 30(and we know AW's policy there)whose contracts were up. So our options would have been to sell them before last season or in January(which may have kept us out of the top 4 last season or kept us from having such a great run in the CL and subsequently provided much needed experience for our young side) or to have signed them to contract extensions when we don't exactly want them anyway.

      Had these players not been available for free there may not have been as much interest in them, so I'm not sure 6-8 mil for Pires would have been all that likely. Besides do we even need that money? We have money now that we're not spending, so even if we did get that 6-8 mil would it make a difference?

      You say Walcott must play. when and where exactly should he play? You want to keep old players and sign new ones, well then when will the young talent get their experience. I'd much rather have Djourou playing than Sol, And I'd rather have Rosicky than Pires. With Henry short of fitness, and injuries to other attacking players, maybe walcott gets a shot that he might otherwise not get if we went out and wasted millions on some over the hill player that will be gone in a year anyway.

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      • Fair play, you've made some good points there.

        The only thing I would pick you up on is that Sol had a year left on his contract and Arsenal RELEASED him from it, allowing him to move away for free. I guess we'll never know the true reason why, but football clubs are run as a business these days, and if you can get a few million for Sol then why release him for free?

      • Well said. A lot of people are complaining that we don't have enough experienced players in the team, but that they're very happy that we have so many talented young players. Well, you can't have everything.
        For example, if we sign a replacement for Cole, what's going to happen to Clichy and Traore? They won't gain experience and will eventually leave for a club where they will be in the first XI. Same with Diaby and Flamini if we signed a holding midfielder, with Djorou, Hoyte and Connolly if we bought a centre back.

        We're not a selling club, but we're not so much a buying club either. Wenger bought a lot of young talent in Toure, Reyes, Fabregas, Persie, Clichy, Eboue, Diaby, Walcott over the last couple of years, some of them playing very important roles for the team already. Now it's a case of keeping faith with what you have and allow them to grow and develop. And what gives a young player more confidence than knowing your manager won't buy an older, more complete player to replace you in the team next season?

        Personally, I hope Wenger doesn't buy this summer. We have an abundance of young talent and all they need is a few games to prove to us how good they really are and that we were foolish to think we needed more signings.

    • I agree that there is some reason for worry given the current injuries and lack of depth in the squad. However we might have an edge since our squad is largely unchanged so returning WC players do not have to get used to a lot of new players on key positions, and we might be ahead of teams who did not yet have to play CL qualifier.

      Read my thread "different view on buying new players" and you might find the reason...

    • I don't think I would have painted quite as bleak a picture as that but you do have a point. Clealry the early part of the season for us is going to be about survival at the top end of the table in terms of the injuries we have.

      Perhaps to put a little rosier picture on this we do have Fabregas who had not fully emerged last season and Falmini has shown he can do a decent job in a number of positions. Eboue and Toure start the season stronger having grown a lot last season, Djhourou had a good world cup, Hleb I thought was a revelation last year, Lehmann has rediscovered some form.... if your post rightly puts forwards some of the negatives in terms of the availability and numbers but I do think those players we have available are stronger and better than they were at the begining of last season.Once we have people back I am very positive about the side.

    • I'm not an Arsenal fan (The complete Opposite!) But I have seen Matt Connolly and Lupoli play a fair amount of times for the reserves at Barnet. They are not bad.
      On the other hand maybe you can take Danny Murphy of our hands!