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    Are Arsenal Finished

    As a Man Utd fan I truly hope not Ive enjoyed the rivalry between the 2 clubs but with reyes campbell cole gone its looking that way

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    • sorry but i partially agree with johhny.shut up about stats for a minute and have a look what you see before your eyes.and reyes hasnt been good enough.allthough he clearly has bags of potential and he is young he has failed to live up to his 16 million price tag.and may not ever live up to his billing at arsenal(allthough i'd like him too). in response to the man united fan none of the players you mentioned were exactly setting the premiership on fire were they campbell and cole were injured all season.with out them we will be fine.if arsene wenger was worried about his squad he'd have strengthened

    • A post to get Arsenal fans to rise to the bait. I for one do not mind rising. The poster shows a complete and entire lack of judgement or footballing knowledge. He forgets this club sent more players to the world cup than nay other except than Chelsea, he forgets we are stuffed full of world class players... Rosicky (recognised as most managers as the best buy this year), Henry, Fabregas, Lehmann, and I would add probably the best backs in the premiership... senderos, Djorou, eboue, toure (and Cole at the moment).We also are financially robust and well managed and are were the most profitable club last year and will at least add 30% to turnover this year.We also have a youth system that is bearing fruit and delivering some of the best young players in the world... Fabregas is the first, Van Persie is not far behind, Bendhtner and Lupoli will come through this year ... to name but a few.
      Equally the poster fails to realise that Campbell was more of a liability than a strength for us last year and if Cole does go it won't make much difference vs last year as he hardly played, nor did Bergkamp, and Pires was but a shadow of his fomer self last year an so equally vs last year will not be a huge loss.

      Now lets look at Man Utd... struggling under what is it £500m of debt, just lost the best box striker in the world who delivered 20+ goals for you season after season, aging players with no replacements in sight in the form of Neville, Scholes and Giggs. Forced to overpay massively to the tune of £18.6m to attract that watercarrier Carrick, an ageing manager who whilst excellent in the past is nearing the end of his term, limited striking options with only Rooney (who we know plays best with a partner) as a real force, a dreadfull pre-season, a non-productive youth system with many of the youngsters bought or produced in recent years sold out now. This will be a telling season for Man Utd, will the club finish mid table or scape their way into a top four slot. I suspect that the business plan targets of finishing 1 or 2 every year and reaching at least the qtrs in the CL are beyond you currently on a consistent basis, you may manage it once or twice over the next three or four years but the simple fact is your squad needs rebuilding and you don't have the funds to do it, and your manager is ageing and after his well publicised bust ups with players is not the attraction he once was to players coming in. The Man U brand is massive but underneath the cracks are begining to threaten the very future of the club..... theres an alternate view for you.

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      • Good post, however I think you are a bit quick to start labelling others as having a lack of judgement or footballing knowledge. Your knowledge of Man Utd is clearly lacking.
        Arsenals profits were, I believe, down on the same period for the previous year.
        Your new stadium is still a massive 16,000 short of that of Old Trafford, and I feel there is little option to expand further. While turnover will increase, there is a limit as to how far. I also believe that you are some way down the table in terms of richest clubs in the world (we are 2nd by the way!)You are tenth arent you??
        As far as an international brand goes, Arsenal are some way behind the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Liverpool, something which the major clubs are quickly identifying as the most obvious route to boost turnover these days.
        It is also not hard to have a great youth system when the players in that team are, by and large, poached or signed from other players.
        I would also be suprised if Lupoli came through as he is being farmed out on loan isnt he? hardly a sign that Wenger feels it is his turn to make the step up. Fabregas - fantastic player, would love to have him in our team. Van Persie - could be great, but suspect temperament and still looks inconsistent.

        Now lets look at Man Utd - struggling under £260mill of debt actually (how much is Arsenals) and we are still outspending you in the transfer market - hmmm, that must say something!!
        Lost a striker who was great in the first half of the season however was rarely present when we were playing some of the best football of last season. I doubt he will be so sorely missed as you imply. Ageing players - do you mean like Ljunberg, Lehmann and to a certain extent Henry (29 today I believe - Happy Birthday!!) after all you may never replace him with a player of equal talent. Only one recognised striker????? Saha - great scoring ratio when he finally stayed clear of injury last season, Solskjaer - old but can still do it at the top, Smith - started as a striker and proved he can cut it at the top, Rossi - young and untested but recently heralded as a future Italy international by Roberto Donadoni. Also, the transfer window is not closed yet!!
        Carrick was £13 mill by the way. If we pay £18.6 for him, i will be delighted as we will be paying it as Euro and Prem champs - sounds a fair deal to me son!
        Terrible pre-season? Which one was that?
        Youth team that has moved on? You got me their, we have been loaning out many of our youth team to top clubs (Rangers, Real Zaragoza, Watford - they are in the top flight!) hardly think it is failing considering it has recently set reserve team records in the last two seasons - read up on this one chum! Pique was seen as one of the most influential figures in the recent U19 champs which Spain won, D Jones recently was voted second best player in the Dutch top flight, even though he was only there 6 months!!
        I do not see a top 2 finish beyond us this year at all. We did it last year with a makeshift midfield and one of our best players out all season.
        You may very well point the finger at others as being ill knowledged but you should check up on your own facts first of all!
        Dont get me wrong, although i am a Man Utd fan, I think Arsenal on their day play the best football in the country, and only we come near in terms of quality. I just feel that past your first 11, things look a little thin!

        Anyway, best of luck for the new season, would love to see us two battling out at the top again come end of the season!!

      • fantastic post last paragraph reall cut to the knub of thier problems

      • Good one abharrisson!, you got the picture right!! i back you with that statement, that is manutd are!!!

    • dream on. this is a young side with a lot of zest and pace. new guard will surprise; walcott, adebayor, cesc etc. plenty of quality

    • Struggle to get in the top four? I have to totally disagree with this. Last season due to injuries, losing Viera, lack of experience we had trouble getting the 4th spot. Albeit that was more to do with Spurs having one of their best seasons in a long time. This season, ok we lost Dennis and Pires but they didnt actually play that many games last season, also Rosicky supposedly can play in either Pires' role or Bergkamps. So its hardly likely to affect us the same way as Pat. If Reyes goes it'd would have been nice to have Ribery for that spot, but alas thats not to be. Losing Cole and Campbell isnt gonna affect us in the same way as Pat leaving either. The experience and confidence gained from last seasons battle and getting to the CL final will only serve to make our team so much stronger starting this campaign than last seasons. I don't think (imo) it would be a good idea to bring in another midfielder with Diaby expecting to return in November (but could be sooner) I want to see this man get match fit and get a lot more games for us under his belt. Which he couldn't do if there was an extra man he had to contend with for a place.

    • Well you do have to give the guy a break considering he was switched to a winger and only really played one season as an out and out striker, if that. No comment about over twice as many assists as Pires and Freddie combined? Typical. Although I don't think he'll stay to be honest, I do think he brought something to the club. How can that many assists go so un-noticed. He wasnt far behind Pires for goals and had more than Freddie. (He was playing as winger remember.)Carling Opta stats - strange results? Are you saying the stats suit you when you want them to but if they show different to what you think then they can't be trusted? You said "check the stats", so I did and they said the opposite of what you said imo. Now they can't be taken seriously..?

    • no, arsenal are not finished, post the 'bosman ruling', players like reyes and a. cole can do what they wish, irrespective and regardless of how good the aforementioned players were, back in GG's day if a player exhibited the attitude of 'not wanting to play for arsenal' GG would have probably banned them from ever playing in an arsenal shirt again, and anyway most so-so 'big shot' players contracts are not worth the money they are written on as most players are unlikely to see out their contract

      And anyway no player is bigger then the club (except if your thierry henry)

      As for the man u fan that started this thread, what's man u going to be like without RVN (ruud Van nistelrooj), somehow i don't quite see a so-so footballer like rooney filling his boots

    • I think they might need another season yet to realise their full potential,I think Arsenal will struggle to get in the top four,but having said that they have far more potential in their younger players than any other english club,I don't think they will miss cole or campbell,but they may miss Bergy and Pires,i think they need another central midfielder,an injury to Gilberto and they will struggle.

    • Sorry to disapoint you , but no way are Arsenal finnished!
      You might be better to ask exactly who is going to score your goals this year

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      • No way are arsenal finished. we will put up a fight this year and if reyes and cole want to go then in some ways it is best they do as they obviously don´t have the heart to play for the arse. Let cole just become a number for the chelsea squad as that is all he is likely to be, it is a shame if he does go as i liked him but as i said before if he doesn´t want to play then unfortunatly he has got to go. Arsenal can do it without him I have faith so arsenal are NOT FINISHED!!!!!

      • Exactly. Reyes hasn't gone and, lets face it, van Nistelrooy was more important to Man U than Campbell and Cole were to us last season.

      • Is football finished? Are Chelski intent on destroying the beautiful game?
        Of course we're not finished, we've more potential than Utd and we play the best football in the premiership, we have a bran new fantastic stadium, why am I responding to this post? What a daft question!

    • of course not!!! we are at the start of a New era... on the way UP UP UP !!!!! If Reyes and Cole wanna go then fair enough, no player makes a club.


    • For goodness sake!

      Reyes has been cancer to Arsenal if he gos it will be marvelous - check the stats.

      Campbell has done very well for Arsenal but may well be over the top

      Cole great player for Arsenal sad that Chelsea have stolen him - never known that a full back has ever been crucial to winning a championship.

      Are Arsenal finished? Well to be honest Chelsea have bought the league again and are set to do so for the next 20 years so yes but Arsenal are as finished as Man Utd or Liverpool.

      In particular Man Utd must now realise that their glory starting in the 1990s was based soley on thier financial power ergo they won by default and they are the one team that is getting a dose of their own medicine more than any other.

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      • Sorry, what stats are you asking us to check? On another thread I put down one of the important stats. The one where Reyes got more assists (10assts/25gms)last season than Pires (4assts/33gms) and Ljungberg (4assts/25gms) combined. Someone mentioned on another thread that he got the most assists in the Prem, I'm not sure if this was just out of the Arsenal players or the whole Premiership, not that I've found any other Premiership players with more assists so far, if you know of one let me know. He also got 4 more goals than Freddie (1) and only 2 less than Pires(7). So I'd like you to be more specific about those stats, that make him a cancer of the team? Oh and don't forget to put your sources so they can be verified.

        If you wanna check mine go here
        and here

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