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  • So, I hear Beckham's dropped from the England squad... I for one am not sad for him, he washolding the team back. This would give more chances to youngsters like SWP and Lennon two very talented and speedy kids. What do y'all think about this decision?

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    • On Becks i take d fifth, but i think Mclaren is a joker, time will tell

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      • Not sure if Macca is being brave here or just producing a populist cheap shot straight from his PR people.
        Becks has not really done anything wrong, he was just over indulged by a crap manager, hardly his fault.
        I would like to see him stay on but playing as he does for Real rather than the Sven set up where the whole team play was designed to make him look good.
        Whatever happens, he always did his best for England and any other team he played for and I hope he continues to have a long and successful career.
        I am not taken in by Maclaren - he is going out of his way to dissociate himself from the Sven era but in my opinion he must take a lot of the blame as his assistant. I cannot believe he had nothing to do with Svens crazy decisions.Also, look at the drab way Boro played, the latter stages of their EUFA cup run excepted. I hope he does well for England but cannot bring myself to expect anything that great.
        I hope Macca has also had the balls to give Lampard a pretty stiff kick up his backside with a warning never to repeat those world cup performances or else.

    • Crouch 80 min
      Liverpool 2 - Chelsea 1

      He gives liverpool extra options just like he'll give England

    • What do people see in Crouch,I think hes crap..

    • I just hope that dropping Beckham wasn't just a "Hey, here I am!" from McClaren and that he'll actually keep that ruthlessness during his time as manager. If Beckham was poor at the WC, Lampard was awful. I don't remember him making any impact in any of the WC games. Out of interest, what would be your England team and formation? This would be mine:






      A formation similar to Chelsea's 4-3-3 of last season, with Gerrard and Rooney, the best players England have right now, seeing a lot of the ball. Cole and Lennon/SWP on the wings, putting crosses into the box for Crouch, Gerrard and Rooney to get on the end of. You can also switch to a 4-4-2 at ease by pulling back the wingers and moving Rooney forward, which would be better suited if Owen is playing (if he ever regains fitness) or a smaller striker such as Defoe is put on. What are your thoughts?

    • whilst i agree the yid lennon is quick and can get passed his man.
      i have yet to see either of the 2 you mention cross the ball or score free kicks like beckham
      I think that decision is wrong on 2 counts
      1 what i said above
      2 fans might like to say a proper goodbye

    • I think SWP needs a lot more match experience after being dumped on the bench at Chel$ki. I liked Lennon a lot when he came on for England. He was terrorising the opponnents. Beckham was THE man for taking free-kicks, I don't think there'll be another like him for a while. His passion and work rate were fantastic, his time was up though. I'm glad he had the good sense to give it up before it went completely pear shaped.