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  • mazharul mazharul Aug 14, 2006 20:40 Flag

    Ashley Cole or Heinze?

    Who would you prefer to have in your team out of these two.

    me personally, I would have Heinze, he is probably 1 of the best left backs in the world.

    As for our Cole, he is a money hungry prick. I cant wait until he goes and ruins his career.

    And he was supposed to be a arsenal fan.

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    • I saw alot of heinze in the world cup and before and he is a dirty bad tempered bas**** and would never like to see him in a arsenal shirt although now ashleys given up his right to put on a arsenal shirt so better look elsewhere

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      • Cole's a bit stupid if he's going to join Chelsea. I'd rather face Shevchenko and Wright-Phillips than Henry and Ljungberg. How was he the 'scapegoat'? It was the FA that fined him. I think Clichy's ready to make the step up so I think Wenger just has to find another young left back from somewhere. Barcelona academy? :-P lol

    • Yes thanks for your opinion, man u fan!!! I'd rather Wayne Bridge than that donkey Heinze

    • Dissapointed to see Ashley go, although i have not seen Heinze for a long time, I think I prefere Ashley.

      If he wants to go, he wants to go. I wish him all the best and hope if he goes to Chelsea that we will still beat them.

      Who knows what's going on in his head and perhaps after all these years with us and just married he wants a new adventure. Even if he is misguided in his judgement I think
      we should remember his contribution and let him make his own decisions.

      I think we all agree we don't want players who do not want to be with us, but that, to me does not make Heinze a better left back.

      I still hope Ashly sees the light, I know a lot of his team mates are trying to pursuade him to stay (little chance) and if he does decide this and gives his all, I for one will support him just like any other Gunner.

      (but I have to agree from where I am sitting he does look to be a little misguided.)

    • it has to be ashley cole he is much better at going forward then heinze and a lot quicker as well