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  • Vince Vince Aug 23, 2006 00:05 Flag

    pascal could be off

    don't know how many of you remember this game but it was probably cygan's best game of his life.


    lol email me back on what u think at vinsonyuk@yahoo.co.uk
    funny how he managed 2 goals in a game. i remember hoping he'd score a hat-trick lol

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    • cum on guys..i really tink u r being 2 harsh..i like Cyagn..as i have said b4 every1 fu**s up..its natural..but him being hated by Arsenal fans...i tink that is not nice..
      Anywya..my opinion is, i hope he really stays..(he cud be a back up), maybe he will score 2 goal against totenham/chelsea or manu..his bold head cud cum handy..u never knw.