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  • Vince Vince Aug 23, 2006 00:13 Flag

    Wnger needs to do something and quick.

    We need a good quality centre back. Arsenal are gonna die if Toure gets injured. I'm not saying the pairing of Senderos and Djourou are rubbish but it's far too inexperienced. I reckon Wenger should try Gilberto at the back for one game. He's got the aerial ability and the tackling, why not? We could have Fabregas and Hleb in the middle.

    So's how's this for a team this season?


    Eboue,Toure/Senderos, Gilberto/A.Ferdinand, Cole / Clichy

    Ljungberg, Diaby, Fabregas, Rosicky

    Walcott Henry

    And I forgot Gallas as a possibility

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    • But that's my point exactly. Because Almunia has made a few mistakes in the past, he can be made a scapegoat more easily than others. Had Cygan made the mistake that Toure made last night, we would be blaming him and Almunia's poor save wouldn't be mentioned.

      Toure was at fault, he could have cleared that ball easily for a throw in or a corner had he stayed on his feet. Eduardo's shot bounced in front of Almunia and it was very slippery, although he could have done better to parry it away. Almunia would never have needed to make a save if the defence had dealt with it.

    • Good point although i think Toure is entitled to the odd error considering how reliable he usually is.
      As for Almunia he is prone to the odd F**k up as is Lehmann but i think we have needed another keeper for some time now as an eventual replacement for Jens as Almunia is not quite good enough.

    • We don't know what figure exactly was paid for Reyes. It was a guaranteed £9m going up to £17m depending on apps, goals, etc. But people will always mention the biggest fee. Walcott will cost us between 5 and 12 million, but which figure gets mentioned by the fans and in the papers?

      Imagine we had paid Barcelona £17m to take Fabregas. Would it have been too much? Would his performances be dissected with a little more care? Would we be looking at him and thinking 'was he really worth it?'
      Toure made a bad mistake last night and Zagreb scored, but he was bought for peanuts. So all the criticism is going Almunia's way. Not a bad word for Toure. Why isn't he being criticised?

    • well i could get stats of how many goals reyes scored, how many times he lost the ball, how many tackles he made, his workrate. i dont think those stats would be as kind.
      my point is stats are just stats & not realiable or worth using to prove a point. everyone knows the government turns stats around all the time to make themselves look good. if u belive reyes has been worth 16m then thats your opinion but i personall would want more for that amount of money.

    • It wasn't £17m, it was like £12m. Sevilla only get the other £5m is Reyes made x amount of appearances or scored x amount of goals. I really don't get why we bought Adebayor. We had the money to go for Torres and even Shevchenko. There's a Belgian lad at Hamburg called Vincent Kompany, he's a centre back that I think will become better than John Terry.

    • There's 2 very simple reasons why Reyes is criticised and it has nothing to do with what he does on the pitch.

      1) £17m fee
      2) Robert Pires' goal scoring figures

    • Explain to me how Reyes getting over double the assists of Ljungberg and Pires, can be used negatively against him? I'm really curious how that one works.
      So someone (like yourself) could say "Henry isnt that great its only the stats of his goals that make it look that way". Honestly wheni how can you argue with over double the assists of Bobby and Freddie? Show me how it can be used negatively?

    • gilberto is a good player. but u got to admit reyes for the price u paid has been a flop. hes had moments of good play but overall he has been poor. u can keep looking to your statistics to make yourself feel better but everyone knows statistics can be used for whatever side of an argument u want.

    • Anybody who thinks that Gilberto is 'dross' knows nothing about football. Our team is just as strong as it was last season in terms of personnel. And much stronger mentally. Sol, Pires and Bergkamp are big names, but theyre no longer big players. Wenger knew that these players wouldn't be with us forever so he went out and found Djorou and Senderos to replace Sol ahead of time, integrated them into the squad, made them better and now that Sol has gone, we have strong replacements. Same with Walcott, Reyes, Hleb and Rosicky. Pires would eventually leave, there's a possibility that Ljungberg will do the same if he doesn't play regularly. Van Persie was brought in 2 years before Bergkamp retired. The 'replacements' that so many fans want are already at the club!

    • Diaby has played in Champions League. He's been up against the likes of Vieira, Riquelme, Zidane etc. If he and Fabregas came out on top, I can't see why he won't be good enough to battle against the likes of ballack, Lampard, Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, Carrick.

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