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  • Vince Vince Aug 23, 2006 00:43 Flag

    Wnger needs to do something and quick.

    I've got a feeling he's gonna stay, Henry did. Henry'll have a big say on the move. The line up is what I think should be the starting XI. Sorry for the confusion. Ashley won't forget Wenger for raising him from a random 17 year old academy player.

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    • How can you tar Thierry with the same brush as the money grabbing Cole???!!!

      Thierry never said he wanted out and was just keeping his options open, weighing up the options and (ultimately) allowing his heart to rule his head. Top man!!

      Compare that with Cole, who has bleated about Arsenal letting him down, when in fact HE did the dirty on us. He's just full of greed; I read today that we owe hime £1 million in bonuses (which obviously we'll pay). Yet still he is lured by filthy lucre. I just find his attitude totally unbelievable!!!

    • Gilberto has in the past played in central defence for us, so its always a possibility.

    • Cashly again isnt being played in the CL, this is generally a sign that the player is on his way to another team who also have CL games.

      You talk about inexperience and yet you put Diaby in instead of Gilberto?

      Personally I'd prefer Djourou to A.Ferninand, not that I'm saying Ferdinand isnt a good player. I just feel Djourou is going to be a big star for us.

      I think my first 11 would be


      -Eboue---Toure---Djourou/Gallas(if we get him)--Flamini/Clichy(if match fit)

      -Ljungberg--Gilberto-----Fabregas---Reyes(if he stays)/Rosicky

      -------------Henry------Van Persie----------


      It'll be easier to pick a team once the Prem gets going.