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  • Paulg Paulg Aug 28, 2006 01:57 Flag

    It's not all doom and gloom

    I think that we all thought that we would be on 6 points after the first 2 games, on paper this seemed likely.
    Well it's not quite worked out like that, however, maybe there could be some surprises this season, I certainly know that both Chelsea and Man Utd are not unbeatable. Look at Spurs, at 2-0 home defeat against 10 men Everton. Now I know that we rightly set our standards a bit higher than Spurs but it's only 2 games in, over teams will drop points too.
    Sure, we need to improve, we need TH to get back to form and someone whether it's RVP, Adebayor or Rocinsky or whoever also needs to chip in with some goals. WE need to stop this 'sodding about' infront of goal and shoot occasionally, I'm sure AW can address that, he's admitted that we can overplay .
    This team is bloody good, on their day maybe the best in the EPL, we've had a stutter, now we have to play catch-up, we have to beat some our rivals, it's about time we beat Utd in the league, we were unlucky against Chelsea last season, maybe it could be different this year. I'm worried too and I want to see AW strengthen this squad, however, a great team does not become mediocre overnight and I think it's still too early to throw in the towel, it's long season.
    Finally, we must resolve the Cole / Reyes situation, I'm sure it's unsettling the team and the extra cash would be nice.

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    • I cant agree with you with your analysis of freddie. To me freddie is a very important player.
      Maybe he does not make those run like he used to but he is an experienced player and very spirited and right now we need those kind of players in this current team.
      To say that freddie has past his best is pretty malicious to me. It makes the whole mockery of the swedish coach making him captain recently. Freddie's got a few good years to go and i believe he is only 29 (I think) and not like pires who is 32.
      As i've said he may not make the kind of runs he used to but a player changes his way of playing when he gets more matured and more experienced. I for one think that freddie will make an excellent player behind henry.
      Then again you are entitled to your opinion but i am thankful freddie is still an arsenal player and i believe so is AW.

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      • Freddie is an important player in the squad - that I agree. But if we want to challenge for the premiership then how can we compete when we have so-called important player not able to do what they used to.

        Being the captain of Sweden does not mean anything - Sweden are a honest hardworking team just like Ljunberg; but are they really that good to win anything?

        I am glad you said I was entitled to my opinion however I was not been malicious. I just dont go on sentiments.

        I did agree about his spirit and fight but sometimes the spirit is over the top and now borne out frustration of him not at his very best.

        Anyway, is Freddie changing his way of playing going to take Arsenal to the top, and Freddie will never be that effective behind Henry - what will he be doing there? He has not got the dribbling skills or shooting abilty.

        I hope you are right but personally I really find the team not balanced with the players we have and some are just not good enough.

    • At the end of the day no matter what we say, we all want arsenal to suceed and win because it is the club we support and love. So no need to get personal.

      Coming back to the team formation, it seems that the team is not balanced. Hleb is a decent player but he seems to prefer playing in the middle, the Fabregas role. Rosicky himself is a very central player, AW has to chose who he wants to play in the centre then apart from Gilberto. It may be better for walcott to start on the left and RVP to start at the right (like how he plays for Holland). At least the width will be there.
      Then maybe Freddie, Rosciky, Hleb or adebayor can support henry upfront.

      We just have too many central midfielder of the same style of play. It will be interesting, the next team selection but I believe AW has learnt a lot from the 1st 2 games.

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      • I also think that we're missing the Freddie that we know and love. The old Freddie was a great goalscorer and made so many good runs with good finishes too. He has been riddled with on/off injuries for over a year now, I think that if we had Freddie back to his best that would make a huge difference. This for me is part of the problem, the great Arsenal side had Pires and Freddie banging 10 goals plus each per season, I can't see Hleb doing that, it's too early to pass judgement on Rocinsky and the others are failing too.

    • Yeah! I read that post where Kienway posted...I wont tell him to do what you said Pijin ,,,However..He is a prick who is in need of somw englirh lanyuage claszes...

      Cheer up...European Cup Remember!

    • I'm sorry to say that I've lost confidence with this team. Yes, the youngsters may be good but they lack experience. The team NEEDS more experienced players!! This is the problem with AW - he only brings in bright talents! Many of us have pointed out this problem during pre-season, but it seems very unlikely we'll see a big name signing before the transfer window closes. I'm very disappointed.

    • Erm relegation zone is 18th, 19th, & 20th. Plus we've only played two games. The other teams around our position have played 3 games. I can't believe people seriously believe we could be in a relegation battle. By that reckoning are we going to see Villa & Everton in the CL next season? Its not like we've been outplayed in either of our games. We've been the better team in both games but the luck hasn't been there. Theres always a little bit of luck required to win, and we've just not had it yet. We'll make our own luck for the next game. I can see us running rampage to get our first win.
      Ps Someone tell kienway to F*CK OFF and follow a different team. The pr*ck never comes on here unless we have a bad game. I can understand constructive criticism even if I don't agree with some of it. But you also have to have praise for your team when thing are going right.

    • I agree to a point, but maybe AW is being to reliant on youth

    • I agree to a point, but maybe AW is being to reliant on youth

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      • I think he's relying a little bit too much on youth only in defensive positions. Also, don't forget we have Lauren and Senderos to come back. And if Cole hadn't stabbed us in the back we would have a strong first choice back 4 of Lauren-Toure-Senderos-Cole. You couldn't say that's inexperienced or weak. As it stands, we need a little reinforcing. Wenger will sign a defender before the deadline, I'm quietly confident of that.

        But in attacking positions, I'm not worried about being reliant on Cesc, Persie, Reyes, etc. They are already some of the best players in the EPL and they can only get better.