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  • kienwey kienwey Aug 28, 2006 07:05 Flag

    we are one of the worse team in the premiership league.

    All arsenal supporter let we stand together to scoring arsene wenger for this forse .
    how we are one of the worse team in the premiership league. One point from their opening two games represents the Gunners' worst opening to a top- flight campaign in 14 years. we are already eight points adrift of early pacesetters Manchester United.........
    not just arsenal team can play better other team they can do it very well. The important point is they(man u, liverpool, chelsea) will buy the great player.
    did AW wake up yet or still on dream?
    arsenal still no buy any best player!
    they should buy three or four world-class , exprience and quality player , is not only buy youth player and no exprience .

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    • Did you see any of the games or are you a complete knob Cheddar, shut up and keep the faith or get off the board!!!

    • I don't see it as 'blind optimism' to believe that a club with Arsene Wenger and Thierry Henry can turn around this bad spell. We're not playing badly or being dominated. We're creating more chances and having more possesion than the opposition. Looking at the positives doesn't mean I'm ignoring the negatives. However, some fans are ignoring the positives in our play and talk of getting rid of Wenger and Henry has been mentioned, which is ridiculous after just 2 games. All the team needs is confidence!

    • I cannot belive what i just read,
      the biggest load of B***l*ks ever
      i think the original post and that of fuckle are just so stupid its immposible to fomulate a reasoned reply

      I just feel that overall niether of you have a clue what te hell your talking about

    • hear hear aaf1eld!

    • And some of our 'supporters' have the audacity to criticise fans of other teams. I'm in shock over some of these posts, yes there are a few concerns but I'm pretty confident that AW will solve any issues.
      This is not a crisis, it's a blip!

    • Well Said aaf1eld!!!

      We are playing better than the teams we have faced and are playing good football - we just possible need to take a few more shots at goal (just like RvP used to do when he was 1st bought to the squad and came on as a sub *AND* lets not forget that we are missing some key players

      1. Senderos
      2. Lauren
      3. Diaby (we didnt see much of him at his best but he does look good)
      4. Clichy
      5. Reyes ('injured'/not being played - we all know why)
      6. Cole ('injured'/not being played - we all know why)


      7. Ljungberg (not 100% fit and still strugling with an injury)
      8. Henry (only around 60% fit)
      9. Rosisky (strugling with a groin injury and still adapting and settling into the squad)

      So as you can see there is ALOT of good things to come!!!

      HAVE THE FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well put Mr. Snoopdogg!

    • no dodgy penalties,no suspect red cards for nicking the ball off henry,no laughable off-side decisions, i think you should try to get davy dein back on the fa soon as poss

    • For the love of all that is holy, you've played 2 games and you claim to be one of the worst teams in the prem? Even Man U, in their glory yrs can NEVER claim to have an unbeaten record. All the times they won the prem, in none of those seasons were they ever unbeaten. If after 15 games you are still where you are then by AW's standards you can start panicking - but it also depends on how everyone else is doing - but not now.

      I support Chelsea but respect and like the football you guys play, it is certainly the most attractive but if you want to be pedantic then yes, the league table says that you are quite bad at the moment but you have only played 2 games!!! The only team with a 100% record at the moment is Man U but lets face it the prem is most definitely staying in London for another year :)

    • Two games into the season and you are saying we are doomed? Of course we're 8 pts down from Man U. But they have also played one more game on the pitch this season so far.

      Have some faith.

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