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  • You cannot decide what the outcome of the Premiership is going to be after only TWO GAMES!! OK so we have our worst start in 14 years, its still ONLY TWO GAMES. If after 4 or 5 games we havn't picked up our first win then I will start to panic. Surely everybody realises we didnt get overrun in in either of our games, we outplayed both teams. A few shots hit the wrong side of woodwork, thats all. At the moment I just see this as a bit of bad luck. No more no less. Everyone is complaining about our over-elaborating. The thing is, the reason people think we play the best football in the Prem is down to this overelaborateness, when it works out and we get goals from it, people love it. When it doesn't work out and we don't get the goals people start talking about plan b this and plan b that. The games that I just watched showed me that we have a plan b, its called the teams heart, they never believed they'd lost the game, their heads never went down they were fighting for the win/draw all the way to the final whistle. I think our luck WILL change, now is not the time to start whining, now more than ever is time to get behind your team and show them you have faith!!


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    • I personally find what people have written amazing. It betrays their poor knowledge of football. Like has been stated by henry et al, if those balls that hit the post have gone in these same people would be screaming their heads off about he quality of our play.

      The only thing that was not right was the finishing. The defence was good and technically kept a clean sheet. The one againstvilla was a dead ball and City a penalty yet people are writing all sorts of rubbish about the defenders.

      English manager? Who?

      One poor game and they are all singing henry's obituary. Unbelievable!

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      • I'm still in shock from this post:


        My ol' mans been supporting the Arsenal for longer than this guy and even though he complains about us if we don't win by a 2 or 3 goal margin, he would never ever call for Wenger head. Something like that reeks of either BS or ignorance.

      • I think you have hit the nail on the head.
        Most of the negative comments on the board over the last couple of days appear to have been made by supporters who appear to have little understanding of what makes quality football.

        There is no crisis ! We are playing football as good as any team in the league at the moment, we are just not having the rub of the green. Very soon we are going to put 4 or 5 past a few teams if we continue to create the number of chances that we are.

        Yes we can at tend to over elaborate on our approach play, we do look for the perfect goal a lot, but there are equally as many times when we can move from Lehman to scoring in 3 to 4 passes and 5 to 10 seconds of play time.
        I don't think we can ever be classed as a one trick pony.

        I am encouraged by the fact that Van Persie seems to be developing into a more able striking partner for Henry, and given time, Rosicky, Cesc et al will start to provide the level of goals (10+ each)that we have been used to from Ljunberg and Pires of old.

      • yes it is onlt 2 games
        whilst not singing henrys obitury i am worried about him,
        hs played right up to the final of the WC and that bloody french manager has no repect for club side and played him for whole 90 mins of a friendly
        he looks well out of sorts to me and i think he could do with more help up front and more than likely a rest!!

        Ok he is a god but in my opinion a very tired god at the moment nothing that a couple of weeks rest wont sort out,
        i feel he needs AW to find him a proper strike partner as playing with RVP or abydore he has to carry then a bit,
        he has always seemed at his best when he can drifft in and out of the game cos the opposition defenders forget about him (silly buggers)
        i also feel it would be good to score an ugly goal now and again

        we could also do with a bit of midfield toughness for the rainy night in bolton match as i feel our midfield looked lightweight against city.

        I also dont think we should forget that of all the teams we has most at the world cup and that along with ECF made for a very long season last yr.

        I therefore feel the team will pick-up but am not expecting any miricles since we ave a new stadium to get used to as well

    • Well said. Too many people, Arsenal fans worryingly, are talking about a relagation fight and replacing Wenger. Its totally ridiculous, but what I find even funnier is that many of them claim that those who don't share their sentiments are wearing rose-tinted glasses or are being blindly optimistic. I'd say that the reverse is true of some of these 'fans'.

      As you have stated, we played both Villa and Man City off the pitch so there is plenty to be optimistic about.

    • As I watched the match against City (I didn't get to see Villa) I thought exactly the same thing: we played City into the ground and lost. It was bitter and unfortunate, but not part of a larger conspiracy...only bad luck! It happens at times, and better now than later. Our style will sort itself out, and the board (by the end of the season) will not lie.

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      • It is early days; but it did seem in both games that we were unable to unlock medoicre defenses. This is the worrying bit: whilst we have a technically apt squad apart from Hoyte; we no longer have our aura. Also we do not have players like Pires and Bergy who even when playing crap could still scare a defender or two. All these factors are gone: so we appear vulnerable. This is why there was a need to buy may be one big name as a statement of intent. Perhaps the Zagreb result in the first leg gave us a false sense of security. It is back firing at the moment but I believe we will bounce back in due course. On a last note we should get rid of Reyes and try to replace him. But if we could not find anybody to reinforce our squad in the weeks following the sale event at Juventus; who is there that is worth looking at? May be it is still not too late to get Del Pierro. It is, I'm afraid going to be a long season for us.