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    It's apparent that we are blinded by our loyalty to our club that we now refer to a gaping 'hole' in our team as something unserious.

    Jourou and Hoyte on the left side of our defense is very very weak. Not becos they lack talent, but they are most inexperienced in their positions for a top top club as Arsenal. Besides they lack understanding as a pairing. ALL, I mean ALL the attacks by Man City was through the left side of our defense. Most of the attacks also by Aston Villa was via same channel.

    I disagree that once we start scoring we would be better as a team. The defense will bring titles while the attack win games.

    In the history of being a fan of Arsenal, I have never seen our defense this weak! Flamini has shown that he is better than Hoyte at left back so I do not understand why Hoyte is getting the nod ahead of Flamini maybe Wenger is under pressure to regularly field an Englishman.

    If we do not fix that defense things are going to get even worse! Whatever AW is planning has to be done pretty fast. Keep Cole or patch up Flamini or whatever. How can we play against Ronaldo and Rooney or Man U come September. They both would have some joy against us.

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    • LOL Pijin

    • I completely disagree with what you are saying. On the left we have Clichy (to return), Traore (wanting to break into the 1st team) and Flamini (who we know can perform well in that position) Wenger I guess was trying out Hoyte to see if he could play there. Senderos will be back in training in a months time. Djourou is covering for him pretty well in my book. some of you act like our defense had rings ran around them in the first two games. This is simply not the case. Admittedly you don't want goals coming from set pieces, but the bright side is at least there have been no goals from free play and hasnt looked like there would be either.
      Defense will win titles.. what are you smoking? Graham hasn't been in charge for quite some years now. Wenger has Arsenal as an attacking team now, the same attacking style that gave us a whole season unbeaten. That wasn't from defense, that was from scoring goals when it counted.

      In the history of you being a fan you havnt seen the defense so weak. I wonder if you felt the defense was strong when Adams Keown and Dixon left? I bet you were saying the same stuff back then.

      "How can we play against Ronaldo and Rooney or Man U come September."
      What are you talking about? Ronaldo and roony OR Man U.. you might wanna put the pipe down for a while mate.

    • The way we play scoring first is key. Teams would then have to attack which would suit us. Had we scored first against both Villa and Man City we'd never have lost those games. I agree the defence is weak but if we don't take our chances up front we heap even more pressure on them.