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    Tevez and Mascherano signed by Hammers

    Taken straight off the Sky Sports website i couldnt believe it LOL

    However, The Hammers have struck a deal with Media Sports Investments (MSI) - who own the rights to the Corinthians pair.

    South American sources claim Portsmouth were also in line to broker a move, but it seems MSI have decided that a move to West Ham will best serve their prize assets.

    The deal is believed to be initially for a season-long loan for the duo - but it could become permanent if all parties are happy, although it remains to be seen whether West Ham could affor them with both players carrying price tags of over £15 million.

    if you dont believe it either just go to http://home.skysports.com/

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    • But it does look like we have got Baptista in a Reyes pt exchange offer also taken off sky sports website

    • Good old Roman, spoiling English football. Not content with buying more players than he needs, including some to stop rivals getting them, he is elaborately setting up feeder clubs.

      Abramovich is said to own a 15% share in MSI, and along with one other oligarch has allowed a bankrupt Corinthians team to sign a wide array of talent over the last year or two. I remember a year ago when Mascherano signed for them that a pre-arrangement had been made to send hm on to Chelsea in the future.

      Now it seems they're off to West Ham to acclimatise to English football before taking a short trip across London.

      Where is football going?

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      • I really dont understand why Arsenal fans are so cross about these two signing for West Ham. Players and their agents are free to choose who they sign for and as long as West Ham can afford them, then why not.

        We got Theo Walcott despite interests from Chelsea and some other big clubs.

        Anyway, according to someone on TalkSport, this is principally a money deal to save their club, Corinthians/Investment group; to showcase their talent and eventually sell them on for big money.

        They probably want to be in London in a club playing in Europe and in a team where they will get regular football. Also these players have to be sold together because Tevez needs someone to hold his hand & help with language and South Americans generally need mates and same language speaker and they can get very homesick.

        Good luck to West Ham! We should worry about our own team and get behind them (though that does not mean no constructive criticism).

    • Skysports have just shown that West Ham have announced that the deals for the argies are on a permanent basis not load! Don't know anymore than that or how they managed the funds.

      Message to Pijin about our Baptista spat! Pls read this

      ..........and don't call me a BS'er again!

    • y are we not doing anything here?!?! if West ham can get those 2, no dis-respect, but come on! Mascherano would have been perfect! surely we can find a central defender and a strong midfielder. I know there are a few hours left but i'm really qworried we are going to sell cole and not have time to do anything else....

    • Please explain to me how that proved that Baptista had problems getting a european passport?

    • If the Tevez and Mascherano signings are nothing to do with Chelsea then West Ham deserve credit. Its all a bit strange though.

    • it is very irritating having to explain the bleddin obvious to you.

      Why dont you look back over the original posts.

      In short the msg was discussing whether or not Baptista would be able to come here because of permit.

      You went on to say that this was out of date info because he was an EU cit.

      I explained that there may be complications and info was not out of date

      You called me a bS'er

      I explained that he may not yet be an EU cit due to some things I had read

      The post from Skysports shows that he is not yet an EU cit as I had suggested.

      Is this simplistic enough for you! I'm not trying to be anal and prove I was right and you were wrong by posting this but I take offence to being called a BS'er for know reason especially for just pointing out some info that I had read about the proposed move of an Arsenal player.

      No doubt I will just get the usual response from you I'm really wasting my time methinks!

    • Wasnt Media Sports Investments (MSI) the same company that was trying to buy West Ham not too long ago?

    • yeah I know ,it will be interesting in the next day or so to find out how West Ham paid for these guys, its a massive coup, WH fans must be going nuts!!!!!! with excitement that is!

    • bring on Kaka, Adriano and Ronaldinho for Portsmouth.

      Anyone can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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