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  • Watch out for this player!
    Many people with little football brains have written rubbish about the guy here recently but he will turn out to be the big deal in that defensive midfield role for gunners. He is far better than Flamini and will compete with Gilberto in that position

    Gunners, don't be frightened by an away tie to Bolton in the winter because Song will be there

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    • I have to say I am very concerned about this signing! Arsenal have been built on pace, quick passing and vision. This guy looks more like a sunday league pub player! Very worried!

    • When I first watched him I thought he was rubbish. But I also understood that many players get nervous in their first few games and they start to make mistakes as a result. But the more they get to play the more confident they become
      But you have to have the ability to spot early talents. At that stage they are not necessarily sparkling but a good scout will pick up onthe quality. The guy is young still that's why I said watch out for himin the future.
      The holding midfield role is not glamourous. That is why you need to understand football to pick up on their quality. You lot must confess you said the same about Hargreaves. Most of you!
      How old was makelele when you heard of him? In his late 20s. But he was always around. You have to give the guy the chance.
      By default, the holding midfield role is negative. His primary job is to break play and not necessarily to psread ball fantastically. You tend to notice them by their absence ie when Gilberto was injured 2 seasons ago

    • I must say that i agree with the thread.I think Song lacks pace,big time.I also think he is very short on the passing and vision front as well.Having said all of that i think he may be just a bit nervous and just needs a string of games to get his confidence going.We should also remember that he is very young as well.It should be noted that young players mature at different rates as well.

    • Having an holding midfielder is not exactly that progressive, is it?

      I have to admit I have not always been impressed by Gilberto but last season he rose to the challenge because of severe injuries at the back and having to play Flamini/Cygan etc.

      For a Brazilian, he is not exactly pakcing a lot in the technical department. Gilberto is one of the senior players we have and he is valuable in breaking up play and sometimes from set pieces.

      I dont know what freddoc is on about - a bit too much praise and bigging up in my opinion. Song is the guy with the dreadlock; his performance did not immediately captivate me during the testimonial but who is to say he would not be a good player for us.

      If he is good enough, he will break through and we shall see. Young players like him are good covers but they have to take their chance when they are brought on.

    • Song was useless in the bergkamp testimonial, the holding midfielder position has become rather a tiresome topic this year, but basically the reason Makele is so good is he can distribute the ball all over park. If you watch him play u wont see him playing it back to the goalie he nearly always looks to go forwards or sideways.

      Gilberto was very poor at times last season, like many players he was up for the big euro nights but had some bad games in the league.

      From wat iv seen of song i think we made a mistake with him and should send him out on loan, he is nowhere near ready for 1st team football.

    • Total Sh*t
      He Song was bloody usless at dennis testimonial
      he couldnt find he own player with any pass
      were you at the match??????

    • you admit he did set up a goal. thought he couldn't anything

    • Hargreeves or David Batty. If your looking for an Arsenal player i'd say probably Grimandi. He does play the Gilberto role but is totally different, he's a small guy so doesn't dominate in the air. I hope he improves too, i'm an optimitic guy but it's just i do watch every game and i have always rated Gilberto, it's just with Song he does look very slow and seems to be missing a few things!

    • Unfortunately holding midfielders don't usually get the praise they deserve. Gilberto was criticised for so long, only last season did fans start to warm up to him after seeing the way he fought for us in the CL. (I suspect some of these so-called 'fans' only watched highlights. Only watching the televised CL games swayed them.) Personally I haven't seen enough of Song to make a fair assesment, and pre season friendlies can only tell you so much. But I'm an eternal optimist, so I hope freddoc is right.

      Out of interest, since you seem to have seen quite a bit of him, which player would you compare him to?

    • Song probably would not even get into spurs, he is that bad!!! The pre-season match you are talking about i remember well because i saw him set up the goal and i was shocked!! We don't need a spolier, we don't play that kind of game, quick breaks and fast passing!!! Do you know Song, is he a personal friend because why the devil are you supporting him. Having said that it is your view and you are entitled to it, sorry i'm just a bit sad that reyes has gone and we had song in our squad still :(

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