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  • faircritic faircritic Sep 1, 2006 18:03 Flag

    £5m for cole????short-changed ?or....

    .....just glad to see the back of him ?
    i think financialy arsenal lost out but players wise they won
    they got rid of a player who didnt want to play for them and got a top world class defender who has at leas 4 years left in him.

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    • best deal ever in my opinion. AC is just an overrated twat and Wenger knows that. Bye bye Cole!

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      • I agree with the first 2 posts and most of the others. It is a good deal to move how team forward and 2 good players.

        The Gallas deal is fantastic because of his versatility and expreience in the Premier League and overall quality for club and country.

        Cole would have been better in our team rather than theirs but we are not looking too bad at the back now and when Clichy is back, we can feel very confident about our defence. Most of our backline is French speaking so there should be no communication problems there.

        The Baptista deal is equally good not just because of the player's quality compared to Reyes (Reyes is fine but) but because of the loan aspect of it.

        Baptista if he settles and adjusts will be playing to either prove Madrid wrong he might even wnat to go back) or try to put himself on the shop window and/or to get into the Brazilian team.

        Baptista should be fine as he has another Brazilian mate in the team - the south American usually need this sort of comfort.

    • Yes you're right simply because Gallas is 3 and a half years older. Personally i'm relieved as we need Gallas far more than we needed Cole. We're getting back to a nice solid back 4 especially when Clichy comes back. Personally though i'd be playing Flamini at left back in the meantime as Hoyte looks a bit dodgy at the moment.

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      • Good points made. I totally agree I also would be playing Flamini ahead of Hoyte; after all did we not set a new record in the CL for the least goals conceded with Flamini as left back! And I might add without Cole. I believe Cole is seriously overrated. A figment of newspaper hype, predominantly due to his publicity seeking lifestyle, oh and of course he's English. After all how many other top European clubs were fighting it out with Chelsea for his services? Personally, I don't think we are going to miss him. He was out for most of last season, and when he did play in CL final (which I believe was a huge mistake by AW), he played a big part in us conceding the second goal. As for the quotes I keep reading, that he is "the best left-back in the world", quite frankly I find that laughable; having said that I suppose if you keep calling a chicken a duck often enough, before long people will begin to believe it is a duck! Additionally, he appears over the last few seasons to be injury prone, which is only going to become more frequent as he becomes older, not withstanding I don't believe he has the professionalism of for example Dennis Bergkamp to look after his body, and play at the top level into his 30's. On a positive note, we have Clichy who will become a better player than Cole, and Gallas who is going to be a big plus in strengthening a mainly young defence. Now we can all sit back and watch from a safe distance, Cole throw his toys out of the pram, when he realizes that at Chelsea there are players with bigger prima donna status and egos than his!

    • Give it to Cole as a goodbuy present?lol

    • erm didnt gallas mainly play left back for chelsea which is why he wanted to move.and ahvent they just got ashley cole who is a left back.i dont think chelsea will miss gallas. but i do think he will make a big difference to arsenal, hes solid & experienced. chelsea dont really need gallas.i agree that u have lost out finacially but what could u have done with the extra £7m anyway.

    • You're right, what's a couple of million quid anyway.
      Firstly, we have not allowed Chelski to bully us as they DID NOT WANT Gallas as part of the deal.\
      Secondly, Gallas is a huge loss for them and a major gain for us, we'll miss Cole but I think overall their loss is greater than ours, Clichy is not as good as Cole BUT he's a pretty good replacement whereas Chelski have no one to replace Gallas that is even half as good.