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  • vlad vlad Sep 1, 2006 19:46 Flag

    Lucky bastards

    The Sol Campbell thing wasn't that different.Yes he was out of contract but he played for Spurs ffs.It's like when Figo joined Real from Barca.Outrages.And did any of you saw anything wrong in Sol's transfer,surely not.

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    • You're so right, I remember now how Wenger tapped up Sol in a London hotel and then Sol blamed it all on the Spurs. Oh wait, that didn't happen did it?

      Sol told Spurs he wanted to leave for a bigger club, and they didn't let him. They held him there against his will so he had to run out his contract to get away. Once he did that, he was a free agent and was therefore FREE to join whoever he liked. We made him an offer as did a dozen clubs across Europe. Yes, he joined their bitter rivals, but there was no tapping up whatsoever. It might not be that different, but the difference in this case is absolutely crucial.

      I'm sorry vlad, you're a fool if you think you're going to get any Gooners to agree with you on that slanted view.