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  • Ares Ares Sep 1, 2006 19:41 Flag

    Lucky bastards

    of course football is b'ness, but what $.cole did was back stabbing ok!! do you see many gooners cuss at Reyes?? no!! why?? because he didn't go behind our back to talk with other club's and than write a book says Arsenal stab HIM in the back. you dont judge $.cole before because he is not one of your player and you wont judge him now because you want to tell yourself chelsea sign another great player. but the fact is $.cole is a back stabbing bitch and maybe after he played 1 or 2 season in chelsea and felt he need more cash he probally sneak behind chelsea's back and talk with real madrid or any other club who can offer him a better deal and than write a book says Mouniho wants to have sex with him and thats why he wants to switch club AGAIN.