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  • vlad vlad Sep 1, 2006 19:28 Flag

    Lucky bastards

    I think you got a better deal than us in Gallas + £5mil.I don't like the fact that we sold him to you.He is an amazing talent and provides cover anywhere in the back four.In my opinion he's worth more than Cole.
    However, I didn't like his attitude.He was late for pre-season without being bothered to tell us.
    With Cole it was a different situation.I think your critisism was unfair.How many of you wouldn't accept a better paid job?Very few.Now there is a thing called loyalty, which is very rare in football (I should commend Henry here)
    Football is a business and I don't judge Cole one bit.

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    • i also bet you he won't be allowed to run forwards... chelski play a very strick formation. I don't think he will fit in so well, Bridge is better for them.
      The sad thing i can only think of one motivation for cole... Money, BLOODY MONEY! How many games has be played for us in the plast year due to injury... not many, and how does he thank us... leaves for more money. enough said.
      Clichy, Gallas, Toure, Eboue... has potential. its a shame gallas is 29 tho

    • I don't think that the criticism of Cole was particularly unfair considering that he came through the ranks & under the tutelage of Wenger became the best left back in tne country.
      How does he repay him? By sneaking off behind his back to negotiate a deal with one of our greatest rivals.
      I agree with you to a certain extent about everyone would take a better paid job if it was offered to them but we are talking ridiculous amounts of money here & if Cole finds it hard to live on £60,000 a week then my heart truly bleeds for him.

    • of course football is b'ness, but what $.cole did was back stabbing ok!! do you see many gooners cuss at Reyes?? no!! why?? because he didn't go behind our back to talk with other club's and than write a book says Arsenal stab HIM in the back. you dont judge $.cole before because he is not one of your player and you wont judge him now because you want to tell yourself chelsea sign another great player. but the fact is $.cole is a back stabbing bitch and maybe after he played 1 or 2 season in chelsea and felt he need more cash he probally sneak behind chelsea's back and talk with real madrid or any other club who can offer him a better deal and than write a book says Mouniho wants to have sex with him and thats why he wants to switch club AGAIN.

    • There is such a thing as loyalty, you DON'T see many players moving to major rivals in any league, occasionally but not often.
      What Cole did was disgusting, totally abhorrent and to a club that nursed him through junior years and made him what he was. If it was Real Madrid or Barcelona, then maybe he would of had an excuse, it is understandable to want to prove yourself in a top foreign league. Not Chelsea though, at AFC he'd won trophies, was adored, he had the lot; he is just an avaricious shit, good riddance!
      Before you mention Sol Campbell, remember that he was out of contract and at a club (no disrespect to Spurs) that was NOT competing at the highest level.
      Yep, good riddance, he will be suited at Chelski, to dine with Kenyon and all the other reptiles that are trying to ruin the game.
      Someone took Chelski on and beat them, you didn't want Gallas to come to us, well Roman, money doesn't always win.