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  • vlad vlad Sep 5, 2006 21:19 Flag

    Gallas - A dick with class

    I just want to say that any player who threatens to score an own goal, get sent off or make deliberate mistakes is a prick (and that is an understatement).
    I know that A. Cole is a spoiled brat but Gallas is far far worse.One gooner (gekko wall street) said that any player who slates Chelsea is a hero in his book and that Gallas is gonna become a legend at Arsenal,well I'd prefer not to comment but to leave it for others to decide.

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    • if he did make the threats Chelsea proclaims he made, he is a dick.

      But at this point who knows who did what.

      I am just curious to see if he takes legal action. To me these charges are so serious that if they were made to me and if they were false, I would make the acusor eat his words, in court if necesary.

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      • Good point marinti.Would it be safe to conclude that if he doesn't take legal action he actualy said those things?

      • Be realistic, how would prove your case? It would likely be your word against moronhinos. If chel$ki wanted to I'm sure someone would suddenly appear that "heard the whole thing" in favour of the Chel$ki view. IMO I think Wenger would talk Gallas out of taking any legal action. Let his football do the talking is the way.
        One thing Vlad if not taking legal action makes Gallas guilty. Why didn't Chel$ki take the appropriate actions when it happened? Why only bring it up now after he's left. Surely they could have had some sort of punishment meted out to him? Does this now clear his name? Or are we still as much in the dark as ever?

    • Can't you all see that all Morinho and kenyon are trying to do is just unsettle Gallas so he won't be able to give arsenal his best performance this season and make Arsenal fans suspicious about Gallas loyalty and at the same time make it hard for us to warm to him? For a "big" club like Chelsea fc to come up with something that classless just beggars belief and that just makes it very difficult for me to believe the integrity of any allegation coming from them. I always knew Morinho was a low-life prat but this is the most unprofessional behaviour the world of football has ever seen...

    • The truth of this matter is that The current chelsea contingent wouldn't recognise class even if it hit them in the face with a brass knuckle.
      Maureen has a track record of being reckless in his utterances and being quick to ascribe the crap he spouts to being misquoted or misunderstood.
      The only valid "mis" about him is mistake as a human being. He has a track record of telling lies, being petty, petulant and overbearing. I'd do or say anything to get away from such a thoroughly unpleasant individual. He's fallen out with Mutu, Kezman, Del Horno, Hasselbaink etc.. He's always happy to declare open season on any player that dares to cross his path and the Urukai of Stanford Bridge are always at hand to parse any of his crap utterances. The question is who next shall fall victim of his oversized ego, Maybe Kenyon himself? We shall soon see. Meanwhile i'd suggest Gallas should ignore the idiots and focus on his soccer. Sticks and stones they say......

    • Sure let's get carried away with rumors from bitter Chelsea better than waiting for facts and conclude that Gallas is a disrespectful dick..
      If anything this whole "story" just show how little class Chelsea has, stirring crap to get attention.