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  • Come back mate. The more people that hold a proper conversation about our team on this board the better.

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    • Lol... erm....

      I was thinking of coming back to be honest. The "other" site doesn't really have a lot of posters at the moment and Forums are usually the best way to get news/rumours etc... Oh, and Yahoo's Arsenal page is an ok place to get the latest stories (but not as good as goonernews.com imo)


      I haven't checked the forums on Yahoo for about a month. And they are so much worse now then they ever were before. I reckon there are about 3 people with false IDs who make it their goal to fuck every single post up on the big sides (Arsenal, Man U, Liverpool) as well as a few lesser sides like Chelsea and Spurs. And seriously I don't have the time to weed through pages of the crap for a decent post from someone like yourself.

      I'm just pissed off that Yahoo don't do anything about this. Fair enough, the forums are free, but if Yahoo don't have the inclination to moderate them even slightly shouldn't they just close them down?