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  • ANN LEE ANN LEE Sep 10, 2006 00:25 Flag

    AW needs to meke changes immediately

    WTF is going on is a pretty good way of expressing the feelings of all gooners right now. I still don't undersatnd AW's selection.

    Firstly, when we got Gallas we thought we will be stronger coz he is a damn good central defender and all the talk that center backs win you games not full back shit doesn't seem to make sense to AW. So Gallas, one of the best center backs in the world get sent to the left and AW plays a shaky Djourou (whom i really believe is not yet ready for the 1st team). Why not get Djorou to go to full back instead, or Flamini mayve even Hoyte with Gallas in left center back.

    Secondly, i cannot comprehend is why the hell Fab stayed on when he was obviously exhausted and losing the ball. Wouldn't Baptista be able to fill in for him if he is not performing.

    Thirdly, why not use RVP on the right when he is so effective for Holland when playing there.Hleb hates the wings so put RVP there on teh right and sent ade in for the headers.

    Fourthly, grnated that Lehman is not to blame for the goal but did you see how scharwer saved a point for boro. Damn, we need a keeper like that and Lehman is not it.

    My take is that to win changes must be made immediately. Aw sometimes is too patient with non performing players. At halftime or after the game someone like JM or SAF would have blasted his team for such a performance and ring the changes. My frustration is that AW always looks at the positives when there isnt much to look upon here, esp when you cant beat a team with 10 men at home.

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    • Guyalan, believe you me that i am totally convinced that AW is a great manager.

      I just feel that currently he needs to be more forceful currently to reflect his very obvious annoyance and frustration with the team and take a gamble to make some changes.

      You also say that this year is another transition year. So why not then ring the changes to find the best team since we are in transition anyways as the current selection has not produce results.

      We all hope that we will get out of this current horrible start immediately and I hope yesterday's form was mainly due to the mid week internationals but looking at Manu and Chelsea churning out results, it is no excuse.

      But my frustration is that come next week against Manu. the same team will be fielded again by AW and believe you me, Manu at OT will be far far more difficult to break down than a 10 man boro at the Emirates.

    • Im very disappointed with 2days result, I said we'd win 4nil, i'd give it a couple more games and then maybe shake the team up, once sendros comes back we will stop conceding silly goals, maybe replace gilberto with the beast baptista? and who on the wings, freddie yes, and prob rosisky, up front henry and fabregas, with the prince of spain dropping in behind henry, he sees passes like dennis does, if were still not getting results in two weeks then ill start worrying especially as we have man utd soon

    • I think Annfookie makes some good points, I would also add (as my mate pijin has said previously) that on current form Hleb should not be starting, the guy has no end product.
      RVP should have a go out wide, he's awesome there for the Dutch, why not try it for AFC?
      I disagree re Lehman though, but our cover (Almunia) is worrying. It just annoys me that all these goalkeepers seem to have blinders against us.
      I'm convinced that we'll click soon though, and when we do, we'll put 5 or 6 passed some team.

    • This is rubbish, knee jerk reaction,just because the team has not settled down yet.
      At home, the team has to learn to play on a wider pitch, we lacked width, but we had all the possession. We were unlucky at Man City and should have won.
      This season WILL be a transition season, it will take time to settle in to The Emirates.
      So fasten your seatbelt and take results that don't go our way on the chin, because believe me AW is a far better manager than you!!!!!

    • Its not as easy to beat a 10 man team as you think, especially when they already have a goal. They put all of their players behind the ball, so theres hardly any space for us to pass the ball.