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  • Doom and Gloom. So, this is going to be another season where we are going to have no cup success whatsoever.
    Who can say otherwise? We have not won a single premiership game at the new stadium. We have lost to a team that we have not lost to since the 90’s.

    The team has no potential whatsoever to win any games. Arsene Wenger has no idea what he is doing. We should play Mathieu Flamini in left back and not Hoyte. Rosicky and Baptista are some bad signings. They are useless at getting the ball past the mid field.

    That is the bloody crap I keep seeing on the message boards and I wonder if any of you people actually watch soccer or just look at results and pick a team to support??

    Take the Middlesbrough match for instance. We had soo many shots on goal, compared against the one shot Middlesbrough had yet the result would state that we drew and played badly.

    We have dominated all the games this season, yet we ave not wining.

    It is only the beginning of the season. I agree considering the pace Manchester United have set, it will be difficult to catch up and win the league. IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE though!

    Arsene Wenger had extensive experience at managing football clubs. He knows what he is doing. The team lacks self confidence. It takes one game to turn that around. Let us hope it begins at Old Trafford against Manchester United.

    Come on you gooners!!

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    • I'd agree entirely, no need for doom and gloom yet we slaughtered Middlesborough and yet drew... I think we just need to keep it simple ... forget the last pass, just shoot, forget trying to walk it into the net and just focus on getting it in, don't play eveything through Henry bring some slightly different tactics in, shoot sometimes from longer range so that we don't end up with opponents with 11 players behind the ball in their own area. We will not win games unless we can counterattack, teams seem happy to give us the ball and let us dominate possession knowing we will put a pass too many in, they then go through a roll reversal and hit us on the counter. All important we need the first goal, that makes life so much better and suits our style.

    • Well said a66p..........we need to get behind the team.We are supporters after all.
      I'll have a bet with anyone that Baptista will get between 8 and 15 goals (provided he's played in his rightful position) this season......any takers?

    • "The team has no potential whatsoever to win any games"
      potential ? This is a side that reached the final of the champions league last year!

      "Arsene Wenger has no idea what he is doing"
      Thats an absolute classic !

      "Rosicky and Baptista are some bad signings"
      rosicky is was the top talent in the german league who also has 17 international goals...mmmm

      baptista ? well not to sure on him yet ..what i have seen is a man who managed to score 14 goals in an under achieving madrid side whilst being played out of position... yea bad players do that all the time over there....

      "Arsene Wenger had extensive experience at managing football clubs"
      Are you sure you know what youre going on about ?

      And last of all it aint going to happen at old trafford against Blackburn is it !

      suggest you read henrys comments about the start of this season .. saying "how can we (arsenal) worry about our football, its not as if were not creating chances or playing badly ..its that were just not taking our chances infront of goal". Then again.. what does he bloody know about football or scoring goals ..

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      • Zerxes, I think you might need to re-read the original post. The guy began by quoting all the negatives he's seen written about the club on these boards. Then he goes onto why he still feels positive.
        I don't understand why you're arguing about Wenger having extensive experience managing football club? You think he doesn't?

    • Absolutely correct, I could not have put it better myself. How many fans here remember the 'bad spells' before Wenger? This is just a Hiccup, even if it lasts the whole season we are still in a much better position than we were for a lot of the 80's.

      We are gooners, we SUPPORT Arsenal, lets not forget this.

    • Exactly, we are on a sort of knife edge right now. 'Boro only had one shot which they scored from. Had they not scored from it we could have put 2 or 3 past them as they wouldn't have sat back like they did. I hope the Man Utd match brings out all their focus and concentration and we can get 3 points. It's not at all impossible as some people seem to think.