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  • Do you think that Adebeyor and RVP are yet another two 'non scoring Arsenal strikers' to follow Reyes, Kanu, Wiltord, Bergkamp and jeffers?

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    • It is in clubs interest to deny everything bad that Cashley says about AFC.

      His claims have to be exagerated to sell more newspapers and books, but usually there is no smoke without fire. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

      Did you believe the statements from Reyes on the club website about saying he hadn't said he wanted to go back to Spain?

      Get real. There are several big egos parading around the Emirates dressing room. They aren't all hugging and kissing.

    • cashley cunt said he would not extend his contract at AFC even for 200 millions. we know what he did. he said arsene told him to go to chelsea...false again...some of our young players became big heads.... it looks like his own head changed dimension and volume....he also blamed AFC for not supporting him during his tap in investigation...stupid really.he will forgive AFC...crap again. what is the point of listening to someone you don't trust?any real gooners will not listen to anything cashley cunt say. the proof is even reyes dismissed what cashley said.

    • Well, I think I know whose word I would trust between Cole and Gilberto. I think it is Cole's over-dramatised excuse for a book that should be taken with a pinch of salt.

      As for RVP, he's a very talented player but his attitude seems to be getting worse with every game, I'm surprised more players aren't talking to him. He's become so selfish that he never seems to pass forward anymore. He will either shoot or pass the ball back, but only so he can ask for it back to shoot again! The game against Hamburg was infuriating to watch, and I was expecting Adebayor to lamp Van Persie at any moment. Poor Ade didn't have a sniff of a half chance while Van Persie had something like 7 shots at goal, none of them testing the 'keeper at all.

    • Dennis scored quite a few goals all totaly wonderful
      wiltord might not have scored many but very important goals like the one against manure last time we won at old tramshed
      kanu might again not have s cored many but he did link play quite well
      jeffers was a mistake
      reyes did not play well to wards the end i feel outside problems began to tell on the pitch but he did try

      RVP and Abebeyor are both very young and i feel that there have been glipses of whats to come

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      • I've said this a few times, but I'll say it again anyway. Adebayor isn't getting the right kind of service that would see him score goals. He needs quick crosses, both in the air and on the ground, long balls for him to head down to oncoming midfielders. I don't want us to ONLY play this way, but there's nothing wrong with a few long balls, and we tend to score from them because teams don't expect it. I can remember Henry scoring many memorable goals from early balls put over the back four. How many of those balls have we played this season? None. Adebayor would relish those kind of opportunities.

        At a club like Liverpool or Man Utd, where aerial play is a big part a striker like Ade would score 20+ a season.

    • Have some respect for Berkamp he might not have scored as many as Henry but his assists were phenomenal. How you can put him in the same boat as Jeffers, Kanu and Wiltord is beyond me.

    • how can you class dennis bergkamp as not a scoring striker he was pretty prolific all though not an out and out striker.i would say that at the moment we arent quite using what we have to great effect.the players need time to forge a partnership