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    Adebayor again!

    I find myself having to defend this guy here. Not because he is related or anything but to try to educate some gooners who are so irreversible prejudiced against him.

    The fact there is no thread already slating him is already proof he had a good game on wed. But it is still irritating to read people criticising him for not scoring in that game

    The guy had a great game playing the supporting striker's role with RVP. He worked had and had an effective game but he did not get a single chance apart from one he worked for himself. ?why
    Because he had a very selfish strike partner. I have the game recorded and will gladly lend it to anyone

    He created chances for RVP including the one that led to the penalty. The selfish guy already fluffed a glorious chance and was reprieved by the penalty award(Lucky). So many times the guys try to play a 1-2 with RVP but they never get the quick ball through back. He instead take an extra touch and the chance is gone. All the time he is concentrating on trying to take the shot himself when a quick release of the ball to put a team mate through is the better option

    Many cases that night when Ade was frustrated by his play.

    RVP is the problem. Although he strikes the ball well, he is frustrating to play with and I am sure Henry will say the same. He had a few chances to put his mates through but never did. RVP is good but not a team player. Henry will always score more goals playing with Ade. Start counting

    So please understand good play and give the guy the credit he deserves instead of you messing up his confidence

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    • that was directed at Jackmunnings btw.

      On another note, i have been reading through this discussion, and it is obvious some are RVP 'fans', and some prefer Ade,
      I think there is a place for the both of them, but perhaps not at the same time, RVP showed he was very selfish on Weds night, which can sometimes be a good thing, but he seems to me to be overly selfish..
      If Henry had been playing instead of Ade, and RVP had been that selfish, would you still be sticking up for him as much ?

    • 2 things .
      1 , has your keyboard got commas and fullstops ???
      2 , RVP would not have scored against Hamburg, he had already pushed the ball too far away from him ....

    • I have been going to Arsenal games for as long as I can remember and I have to say I don't think Adebayor is up to it, granted he needs time to settle and I really hope that he does go onto prove me wrong, he's just not up to scratch, too many people are saying what a good job he does holding up the play! I'm sorry when the unbeatables one the league we were fluent pacey and unstoppable!!

      Why all of a sudden do we need someone who can hold up the play? We have pace and youth throughout the team and that scared the life out of opponents. RVP for me is a better option and I know a lot of you think he is greedy but for me he has an instinct for goal, something that can't be said for a lot of the team this season (and last)!! I think there are definately areas of his game that need improving but I think he is the pick of the bunch.

      And for the joker who thinks we maybe should have sold henry, please please please think this one through!! even if you question his effect on the team think about the influence he has. How many times do you hear good quality players saying they would love to one day play with the genius!! I think gallas's arrival was influenced by the wenger and henry factor! I have a sneaky feeling Ribery could be playing at the Grove next season and I bet the reasons are the same!

      You can question the system and the difference in performance but to even consider selling the player is sheer madness!!!

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      • I would like to say that both these players are very goof Arsenal players.It is therefore unfair for the fans to try and create any animosity between them.They both have their contributions to the club and they are dedicated to the job they do.

        Ade is a person who puts a lot of effort in what he does, he provides and contributes to the team. He has a lot of energy and he is strong and he can only improve to our club's advantage.With time and guidance from AW he will be a better player for us.

        RVP is a gem to have in our club. He works very hard and he can shoot from distance and he can take very good free kicks. I believe he will be of much use to the club is he is deployed to the wings like what Holland does with him. I was so much impressed with what he did for his team at the World Cup. He was everywhere, helping the defence,the midfield and stricking at the same time.Whatever his shortcomings he can only improve with time.

        Please Gunners give our two players a break. They are both great and I believe they will be better players with time.

    • Well he has been compared to Drogba but Drogba has the strength to hold up and lead the line and put the ball in the net.

      At the end of the day compared to Drogba he hasnt got the 'ability' and he never will have.

    • I think we can debate many issues and both make good valid points, I don't have a problem with Ade and I would love AW to experiment with Ade / Henry upfront and RVP wide. There are not many players that can do some of the things that RVP can do with the ball though, he may not know quite how to utilise it, but he's certainly got it. I think one of the problems at the moment is that none of our front players are that great, well none are on top form are they? Let's hope one them plays a blinder on Sunday and I'm sure Freddoc, that like me, you won't care which one. Won't be able to reply to your next post as off out, you make some good points though!

    • Sure you are going by the chances he missed. Roll the clock back and you'd find that even Henry has had games like those especially the year Francis Jeffers was bought. The reason FJ was bought was because Arsenal fowards especially Henry had missed loads of chances that season. In truth The Knig wasn't always this good. Ade is still very young. Just because he is tall should not fool you into thinking he is 28

      I agree you can't comparethem both as they are so very diffrent. They possess different talent. RVP more talented? Well it depends on whichpart of the game you are talking about. Ilike RVP as a playerbut if we are going to do well, then he needs to learn to play in a team and not just for himself

    • watch the game again. He had move the ball to his weak foot giving the defenders time to cover. Fact is he would nothave been able to strike the ball hard enough to beat them. And he did take a dive, to be honest

    • well said i thought he played very well and can only hope this gives him a boost of confidence in the prem games

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      • Adebayor needs the right kind of service to score goals! No crosses, no through balls, no long balls, not even a shot from outside the box so that Ade might have a chance at a rebound off the 'keeper. How do you expect Adebayor to score a single goal when nobody in the team is even thinking about him or creating the kind of chances he can put away.

        Van Persie has talent, but what has he done for us this season apart from that penalty? I watched the Hamburg game from start to finish and the commentators were gushing about him and how he'd had so many shots and that Wenger should be so pleased with his performance. I've never heard such an idiotic pair.

        RVP constantly overlooked Adebayor, always wanting to make shooting opportunities for himself. And when he couldn't shoot he'd pass the ball back, move, and then ask for it back! Absolutely infuriating player, somebody should have told him he had a strike partner because he obviously thought he was the only one playing.

    • absolutley spot on there is no comparison between van persie and adebayor they are very different players but yeah i have to say van persie has shown much more promise.i am yet to see adebayor have an outstanding game

    • see what u mean

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