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  • LEX LEX Sep 15, 2006 23:24 Flag

    Adebayor again!

    well said i thought he played very well and can only hope this gives him a boost of confidence in the prem games

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    • Adebayor needs the right kind of service to score goals! No crosses, no through balls, no long balls, not even a shot from outside the box so that Ade might have a chance at a rebound off the 'keeper. How do you expect Adebayor to score a single goal when nobody in the team is even thinking about him or creating the kind of chances he can put away.

      Van Persie has talent, but what has he done for us this season apart from that penalty? I watched the Hamburg game from start to finish and the commentators were gushing about him and how he'd had so many shots and that Wenger should be so pleased with his performance. I've never heard such an idiotic pair.

      RVP constantly overlooked Adebayor, always wanting to make shooting opportunities for himself. And when he couldn't shoot he'd pass the ball back, move, and then ask for it back! Absolutely infuriating player, somebody should have told him he had a strike partner because he obviously thought he was the only one playing.

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      • Thanks once again Inrd for having a good football brain. Why so many people are not able to see what is so obvious is beyond me. I do not know a single striker who would have been happy to play with RVP in Hamburg on Wednesday. That is the type of selfishness I mean. Not the single-minded killer instinct of some of the best strikers. I hope he develops to understand the benefit of team play

        Take Newcastle. Alan Shearer was always the top scorer but they never won anything. When Man U won so much, they did not have a single striker who was the top scorer in the premiership. But as a total they scored more than most.

        When we had many player scoring we won things. But with just Henry being the top scorer with no other Arsenal players near him, we won nothing and the total number of goals scored was inferior to previous seasons

        What did Chalton win last season? They had the highest english scorer. If RVP is going to be Henry's partner, he has to learn to play for the team. Not only pass the ball because he has to