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  • Is that bung program on Panorama tonight?
    Any idea who will be outed? One premiership manager has been heavily mentioned in connection with this, another front runner for the recent England vacancy may possibly be implicated.
    Hopefully we have nothing to worry about these days unless anyone knows different. I wonder if the Beveren non story will get a mention.
    I am not sure football authorities are motivated enough to really look into this but Mike Newell is a top man for at least attempting to expose these activities - that we supporters are ultimately paying for.

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    • Appreciate the reply aaf1eld. I wasn't expecting Harry to put himself in it too much. Not that I'm saying I think he's an angel. I just don't think he'd do things quite the way they were trying to make out. Thanks again for letting me know.

    • Hi pijin27
      the only involment harry redknapp was chating in very general terms about andy todd the thug that plays for blackburn, not very much they could get him on,
      All he said was he has always liked him as a player since you know what you are getting ect.
      more significant was a recorded phone call with his assistant at the time kevin bond, he seemed well up for what was on offer.
      To be honest the whole programe was a load of smoke and mirrors and even though the slung a great deal of mud they did not seem to have much in the way of hard evidence.

      as you may know entrapment is not allowed and much of what they gathered seemed to me to smack slightly of entrapment

    • Someone flipping tell me what Harrys part in the panorama program was. Pls.

    • I don't think you understand how this works.

      They aren't many owners who pile limitless funds into a club
      without getting something out in return. Chelski and a couple of other clubs are in a special position to add extra money to buy players. For the rest of us in real life it comes out of club funds, which might actually be an overdraft.

      Most club directors (usually shareholders) will take a salary and a share dividend, expenses and pension contributions - they can do quite nicely thankyou.

      Where do clubs get their income from?
      TV - paid for by TV licence fees and Sky subscribers (fans)
      Sponsors - Paid for by their customers (may not be footie fans)
      Gate receipts - Paid by fans
      Merchandise - Paid by fans
      Meat pies and beer - paid by fans
      Programmes - paid by fans

      Do you catch my drift? Clubs don't survive without fans money and that money is used to buy players, pay agnts commission and pay bungs.

      In many cases a large percentage of the fee is skimmed off for the agents. They add nothing to the deal - they are leeches.

      A significant point is that managers have taken on players, not because they are best for the team, but because the agents offer an irresistable incentive. I'm sure many people on here will provide stories of rubbish players being bought and disapearing pretty quick.

      Football coaches should not be involved in negotiating transfer deals - it should be left to the business brains in the club.

      Fans are paying too much already to watch a bunch of bloke kick a pigs bladder around a field. There is only so much people will fork out and it's reaching that limit. The Cashley saga and the bung stories won't help.

      BTW. I hope all you true Arsenal fans have stuck you hand in your pocket for Porto, Everton, Liverpool and Newcastle tickets, all of which are on sale now. That's about 200 quid , most of which goes straight back out in players wages - the biggest expense of all big clubs. Next year the players will want more money, so start saving.

    • Quoting Mourinho? That's hardly going to carry much weight. But if that's the currency of the day, how about:

      "Arsenal have won that advantage, nobody gave it to them. By playing fantastic football and by winning matches and by winning trophies, they won that respect that the opponent has for them."

    • Vlad its spelt voyeur. Anyway, did you see the program? Can anyone tell me what Harry Redknapps involvement in the program was?

    • You can't win the prem fair and square now so you are hoping for a slip up?Try concentrating on Arsenal a bit more,what do they call people like you, a yes a voayer,lol,sorry couldn't resist quoting Mourinho.

    • That is a real shame, I wish Chelsea would slip up in a big way

    • The bulk of the money comes from TV. So it is all our money especially those that subscribe to Sky. Those that buy merchandise and go to matches also have a say...

      Nepotism is wrong. The same happened with Fergie's son. These people (agenst and bungers) are making a lot of money for doing very little.

      Do all players really need agents to move clubs or renegotiate contracts? Players can use solicitors (FA appointed or private) and the fees should be basic and fixed on a percentage.

      Players that want agents or business managers to sort out their live outside football (TV programmes, Pantos, Books, Magazines, Endorsements, private appearances, charity etc) can sort it out for themselves and pay the agent, just like Artistes do.

    • Wenger: Beware my padawans there are very few who can resist the power of the Russian Emperors cheque book!

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