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    Why are Arsenal fans so sensitive?


    We all know you are the quietest fans away from home, not to mention Highbury 'the library' was the quietest stadium, this can't be argued by even the slowest of individuals on this board (byebury et al sit down and shut up).

    Is this because you are all sensitive souls who dont leave home without mummy making you a packed lunch, kissing you on the forehead and watching you skip down to the Arab Emirates stadium where you all laugh and joke (in french) about how unsafe and loud all the English grounds are, as opposed to you guys who can sit down in the peace and quiet of Fortress Arabia where the slightest shout gets you ejected by the ground?

    I dont know, but I have never witnessed so much crying and moaning from one set of fans! You sure can dish it out, but my god you can't take it (unless its from your boyfriend)!

    'I feel' you should try acting like 'men' for a change...

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    • Ironic that roonaldo comes on here moaning about us going on to the united board moaning about him!!! why come on here in the 1st place! Oh yeah it was to let everyone know that United were going to thrash us on Sunday!! oops, I don't blame them looking for you!! why not sneak away back over to your board and we can forget the whole incident I mean it must be embarrassing for you!!

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      • why does this idiot keep cumin back, even after man u lost at old trafford he wnet silent for a while probably suckin ronaldoz c@ck for a while, can he jus kill himself or be killed, by anyone please just commit kill urself, i bet u dnt have a girl or ever bin with a girl thats why you come here to feel wanted or didnt ur mum love u enuff is that wat it is!!!!!

    • This child always does... I have never seen him put a single sensible football post on this board, its always jibe/insult/jibe with him and when you fire back at him he doesn't like it and certainly never responds to the issues raised... he goes for another insult.

      Arsenal fans generally are interessted in discussing football, which is why we react strongly to idiots like this coming on with nothing sensible to say. Make a sensible point even if its critical and it will be responded to well I am sure, make a nonsense post and it won't.

    • it entertains me to no end that stil today you are not over the fact that your team have been outplayed and that we kicked your ars! It must have hurt you that even AF did not try to hide the fact that you were outplayed. I love the anger i feel from your message and i look forward
      to some more of your dissapointment poorly disguised in your sensless posts.

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      • Hmm.... Agreed warpsin made a good point - well here's another we dont need to reply back to this fool cuz he has been banned from the MAN U board as very few of us know - he has been kicked out of there so what he does is come here and fill the pages for us!!! Grow up Roonaldo and stop behaving like the 13yr old u are!!! if u really dont wanna talk about football and ur not allowed to talk rubbish in the MAN U board and wanna talk rubbish in another club that performs well then i'll give u a good way out why dont u go to the Chelski board they seem to have a lot of garbage and ppl bashing to talk abt why dont u try ur luck there maybe they will accept u as one of their own - we all feel sad for u having been rejected or shud i say ejected from ur own board so why dont u go and try the Chelski board - Seems like its a psychological problem - do u feel lonely? outcast? hated by all? and still pretend to enjoy it? then u seriously need some serious counselling boy!!! One more thing the Liverool board seem to talk sense very often too so dont try ur luck there!!!
        An Honest Friend!!! LMFAO!!!

    • Because we are OK!...Is that ok for you Poonaldo, Is that the kind of response you wanted ?

      Arsenal 1 0 Man Utd

    • So during the game I could hear the cheers for Arsenal, if we were so quiet are you saying that the Man U fans decided to cheer for us? Well I guess this could have been it, they might have decided to cheer for a worthwhile team. A WINNING team.

      WHO ARE YA!?

    • What, just like yours...Christopher


    • ... ah f*ck it ONE NIL! ONE NIL! ONE NIL! I don;t mind as long as you keep readin gthat scoreline. Happy memories.

    • Points in the bag are good, but you're only as good as your last game. Arsenal's last two games were WW, Man U's LD.

      Rather be a gooner than a manc ;)

    • Erm, DLDW. Guess where the W was!!!! :p

    • Least I don't go and hide when my team loses. I also wouldn't lie about it. Oh and check out what warpsin8 said about you it made me smile. It'll make you feel so precious that someone cares. Now I'm looking forward to your reply (spelt with a p) as you know you can't deal with not having the last word.

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