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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 24, 2006 04:32 Flag

    all we need is a future goalie....


    like Buffon!!! and we will be all set!!!!
    jens- although great is getting too old...

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    • Dunno, I initially thought this would be his last season, but unlike Seaman towards the end, he's not making any errors and is still capable of some amazing saves. The last 10 months have been the best form of his career.

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      • Jens Lehman at 36 years (soon to be 37) is in amazing physical condition. Something you couldn't say about Seaman or even his German keeper competition for German national team.

        When he started at the club there were lots of doubts about him, but he's gotten better since he's come to Arsenal. The save against Man Utd. when Solskjaer was dead on goal was absolutely superb. Physically being able to make that stop and mentally still being grounded in the game will make that one of classic moments of this season.

        It will be all the more pertinent when we finish 2 points above United at the end of the season.

      • hi
        sad at it is jens himself said he wants to retire after the european finals in 2008.
        as i recall he has also siad he would like to play back in germany in his final year.
        and his arsenal contract is up this summer
        so buffoon would fill the gap between the sticks quite well in my humble veiw