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  • Govinda Govinda Sep 27, 2006 22:02 Flag

    Banned from supportersunited

    Not that I am particularly interested in your personal issues with pijin but what quality in you would be so satisfied to see anybody banned?

    I have read a number of your posts over the last few months and more often that not did they appear highly juvenile and not intended to be taken serious. In fact they seemed purely aimed at offending as many Arsenal supporters as possible. (I might have been unlucky enough to mis your serious posts for which I appologise if this is the case)

    In either case, the thought of wishing, for what appeared to me to be an obnoxious ManU fan with too much time on his hands, to be banned from the Arsenal board never occured to me.

    When I see your name I am free to skip reading your post, or maybe there are some Arsenal fans who enjoy slinging mud with you, if that is the case enjoy!

    Point being, in my experience only people who do not believe in a free world or who feel they have lost control, want to ban people, whether it is from the internet or to jail.

    I keep an open mind and hope to catch some of your serious posts if they exist, and leave you free to attempt to insult
    me or my post for what ever perceived benefit you might derive from that.