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    Some Arsenal questions..

    Ok so who would we like to see between the sticks for the Carling Cup squad and who do we expect Wenger to use?

    Choices are


    Who would we like to see up front for the same games? And who do we think Wenger will play.

    One last question how likely do we think it is that Wenger will bring back Bendtner in January?
    Will he bring him back to strengthen our striking force or will he leave him where he is to continue gaining match experience. After all he is being played week in week out while on loan.

    Oh and does anyone think Hoyte should run for Prime minister. I know ClubGit would vote for him if he was living in the country....

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    • Id like to see Butcher given a try but think it will be Almunia. He's been a good no.2, not complaining too much etc. Deserves a chance.

      I want Connelly to play as well, just to see a bit more of what he can do. I dont know if any injured players will be back in training but we could see Diaby, Senderos, Clichy, Lauren obviously if they are getting fit. Traore, Denihlson, Merida will all be in with a shot.

      I think Wenger would like to leave Bendtner at Birmingham all year. He knows how good the kid is and wants him to play. If Walcott keeps developing there's no problem.

      I think certain people are giving Hoyte way too hard a time. The kids playing out of position and getting better all the time. That's the thing with the youngsters, sometimes they take time. Not all come in like Fabregas, looking like superman from day one.

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      • I agree we'll go with Almunia ( he needs a game as I'd hate to see him come in for Lehmann if he was injured without much match practice). I don't think he'll play any recovering players as these games can be a bit physical, I think he'll go with a mixture of up and comers and experienced youngsters with perhaps one or two of the first team in defence and attack... perhaps Hoyte and Adebayor.

    • from the choises it will have to be Almunia with poom on the bench
      young Bendtner is doing very well but he played for brum in the carling cup i belive and scored a goal.
      I think he might well be left at brum but i dont think thats a very good idea
      my reasons for that statement are i live in brum now and sometimes see the local teams and brum are not very good they are a workman like team and his technical development will be non-existant with them.
      I dont see what goes on in the training ground but cant see it being very technical cos they aint on the field of play on a saturday very dull to say the least

    • Personally i think he'll play ALUMNIA in goal....
      Up front he'll probably start with Adebayor and Van persie.I also think,if fit,flamini,clichy,lauren will all get a game.Added to those players will be young players from the reserve team.

      I don't think that he'll recall Bendtner from Birmingham....unless we suffer major injuries up front.

      As for Hoyte...he can be in the ministry of defence!!!!