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  • Ares Ares Oct 2, 2006 19:04 Flag

    Can we win the league??

    i for one have full confident that we gonna win the league this season after beating the mancs at thier own turf(without Henry that is).
    now we already have 5 straight wins in our record. we had a poor start in the EPL but i think it is because luck wasn't in our side(yes you need a little bit of luck in football) apart from that we were dominant againts all the team we faced in EPL(even the mancs).
    we are doing very good in CL btw, so i would like to see us winning the EPL and the CL this season. big hope but not impossible.
    Arsenal for life!!

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    • I think we have a much better chance than last year of winning the EPL but it is a long season and we have a young team so there is always this threat of another poor little run at the wrong time.

      To me we play the best foorball in the EPL but Chelsea on account of their last two season desrve to be the favorites once again. Also the best football does not always win.

      I will be come a bigger believer if we beat Bolton and Blackburn on the road.

      In the CL we are among my favorites next to barca and ahead of Chelsea.

      No offense but I don't think Liverpool or Man U have much of a chance in the CL (I also think we will keep these two teams behind us in the EPL).

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      • After a dicey start and a few injuries along the road I am not at all confident about us yet. For me the next phase is to win our next three prem games.. that'll make it five prem games on the trot and we'll be in the top four ( or thereagouts depending on games in hand etc) I would also like to see us win both our games against CSA moscow, who look pretty good. For me then we'll have some good grounding to the season with a good record of victories home and away in the prem and the cl. Do not forget that by then we will also have just about our long term walking wounded back and in action. The reason I am not as confident as some is that we dropped plenty of needless points away from home last year, we are in a new stadium that demands a different style of play that we still have not got right yet and we have a slim squad compared to others. But if we achieve the goals I have set out in the next month things should be looking a lot rosier. The good news is that we have taken points from Manu, whilst they are winning Newcastle pretty much let them at the weekend and chelsea I still suspect will show more frailty this year. In a month if we are still winning we can perhaps start to hope.

    • No, but you will probably finish in the top 3 and do well in the Champions League.

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      • Interesting posts guys.......i think we have a chance of winning the Premiership,but like someone said,we have to do well at Blackburn,Bolton and Liverpool before i start believing a bit more.The championship is ALWAYS won away from home.

        As for the Champions league,we have to bear in mind that it is essentially a knock out cup competition.So a bad game(after the group stages)could see you knocked out before you know it.Lets speak about winning the CL IF/WHEN we get to the quarter finals.