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    Ashamed to be a gooner?


    Check this article out, dont worry, Im not taking the piss, I just want to hear from some objective fans who actually go to games (so those of you living in the US might aswell ignore this...)


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    • Highbury was always a faily quiet stadium
      even going back to the early 70ies
      then we all fell asleep under george graham's one nil to the arsenal era
      we awoke to look in sheer awe at the football being played by our present team
      but i think you will find we are very loyal to our team

      god knows cashly deserved abuse but i did not hear any
      but i think he will when he revisits our new stadium
      I read to think of the abuse he would have deservedly got at old trafford or anfield

    • Not at all, there are lots of different types of supporters, some sing and shout all the time others don't. Sure the Arsenal stadium could do with a bit more atmosphere but there we are. I think the guy who wrote the article was right that different sorts of fans will be attracted to different areas of the stadium. I've been in the sections of old trafford where it is quiet, so its not rare for even the louder stadiums to have areas where there is less noise. Arsenal is quiet I wish it were louder, there will be parts of any stadium anywhere that are quiet thats life... but ashamed no.