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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 3, 2006 01:43 Flag


    Its funny, because I think one of the things that attracted Glazier to England was the lack of a salary cap, as NFL teams are really restricted in what they can spend year on year. I agree with you though, the problem is that a salary cap would only be effective if it was all across Europe, and that would be hard to get a consensus on among all the clubs.

    Maybe the cap could be a reflection of a clubs turnover above a certain amount, which would reward the Arsenals and Man Uniteds who are able to draw 60,000 plus. The other big clubs in Europe might go for that as well. Revenue sharing is another idea, where all merchandising is run by the League and distributed evenly among all the clubs. Teams could still keep gate receipts but all merchandising would be centrally administered. What would that do to Peter Kenyon's dream of a global brand?

    I think whether Roman leaves in peace or in a fireball, he'd pay off Chelsea's debts one way or another. But it would still mean they'd have to live within their means.