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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 3, 2006 21:31 Flag


    Actually I welcome all posters here like most decent arsenal fans, but when they are insulting or have a poor grasp of the facts then I take issue. Lets examine your latest little attempt. Firstly once again it contains poor langauge.. you do realise of course that resorting to this means you have lost.

    Now onto the meat of it... I think in amongst the insults you are saying the gorund is not being re-developed and I am talking rubbish... well my proof is in three parts... firstly in an ealrier post on this thread you yourself say it is being re-developed and claim we will see a £100m profit on it, secondly if you go on the web you can see the development, see the flats and see the prices of the flats, see whats sold and where they are with it. And finally of course you could go to the gorund itself where you will find the ground is indeed being re-developed... now hopefully you won't describe yourself as still waiting for proof. Have you any other questions that need clearing up or is this the moment you apologise for the insults and admit you are wrong. Are you man enough to do that?